Something is bugging Gruntski

This is another guest post from Gruntski.

Something is indeed bugging the man: bugs. As I’m on holiday, I’ll let him explain it in his own words:


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6 responses to “Something is bugging Gruntski

  1. If you don’t already, you should water your plants just when the sun goes up. Since earwigs usually don’t like sun, and the water will not evaporate so quickly when it’s not so hot, this way, the earwigs aren’t likely to see much of your water.

    Thereto you could investigate if there’s any insect or bird that would eat your earwigs, but spare the plants. Can’t seem to think of any right now, but I think there is, actually. Bats? 🙂 May be a little hard to atrract even if, perhaps..

    Anyway, mosquitos, birds and seeds/fruits go together. If there hadn’t been any mosquitos, there probably wouldn’t have been any birds, and without birds probably no fruit. So it all goes together, though it sometimes causes annoyance and disease to us people, when we’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

  2. @ Daniel- Thanks for your feedback! Like I said, if the fuckers didn’t make you itch, it would be tolerable. My only saving grace is that there is no standing water (dams/creeks/lakes/puddles) near my place, so I actually have minimal interactions with Mozzies, although the fuckers still manage to find me.

    As for watering in the morning, I tend to be a late riser, and by the time I finish responding to blogs, I am usually running late (like right now), so the watering gets done at night.

  3. Well. You certainly deserved it! It’s not every day you see a thought through, considerate, serious post on YouTube. Since mostly, it’s a poorly, fakely improvised, silly, juvenile dump of wasted bytes.

    Anyway – maybe you should get an automatic watering system? 🙂

  4. On the subject of bugs: THERE ARE SO MANY FUCKING SANDFLYS IN NZ!!!!!!

  5. Mr Angry,

    I sent them over their from Oz, just to keep you company…. I’m just way too considerate, really… 🙂

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