Mr Angry in New Zealand – Day 3

SO here I am on day three – where I discover some awful truths about NZ.


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6 responses to “Mr Angry in New Zealand – Day 3

  1. Ha! There’s a town in England called Shitterton. The best explanation for the origin I found was it meant “the town that was used as an open sewer.”

    At least there’s a chance Mr. Cripple founded Crippletown. (Or is that Cripple Town?)

  2. There are two little towns in Tennessee called Dismal and Defeated. In between them is Hogtown. There’s a story there, I’m sure of it.

    Sadly, they’ve blocked YouTube from work, so this blog has become for me a lot of white space and a little bit of type. So I have no idea what I’m talking about here.

  3. We got a computer company here called Hogdata. (Yeah. Their service live up to the name.)

  4. But can anybody beat the town in Europe called Fucking?

  5. It’s just another Fucking town, really. Full of Fuckers, too, is what I hear. And the Mayor is a big hit with the ladies: The Honourable Lord Mayor of Fucking.

    When they have a fire, or a car crash the Fucking Emergency Services (F.E.S.) attend.

    And you can get fast food there, too. Fucking Macca’s.

    And the Sewerage system there is managed by Fucking Shit.


  6. Well. I f***in’ love this weblog, either way! And tomorrow I’ll watch the clips I haven’t seen yet, since I’ve been hard at work.

    But now. Yawn. It’s 3:30 AM, and I really need to start working regular times.

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