What made me angry about my holiday

While I was on holidays I didn’t actually make any angry videos and post any angry rants (you may have noticed).  So first thing on my arrival home I decided to get back into it.  And talk about some fuel: my fucking memory card fucked up and lost a pile of photos and videos.  So I decided to express my frustration in the best way I knew how:

But there was actually a happy ending or semi-happy at least.  To get over my disappointment at having lost some really good photos and videos I indulged in a little retail therapy and bought a new video camera – one I’d had my eye on for a while.  The bloke at the camera store heard my tale of woe and sprang into action.  He had a recovery programme that was quite good at reclaiming files that had been deleted from memory cards and he ran it on my camera’s memory card.  The end result was that I got back about 80% of the files I thought were completely lost.

Oh, and I got a kick-arse new camera.  So I made a video with the new camera and included some of the recovered footage:

As a post script – my editing software is having trouble working with some of the partially corrupted files.  If anyone knows some good tips for dealing with this – let me know.



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5 responses to “What made me angry about my holiday

  1. Ahhhh….haters….I wish they’d get a life (although reading the Fuhrers rant made me lol….) They so funny.

  2. engtech: thanks for the tip – I’ll check it out.

    gruntski: he was a pathetically humourous example but I deleted him anyway. On YouTube I would have left it up (because of the much higher concentration of racists/haters) and ripped him a new one. But I just don’t like crap like that on this blog so he’s gone.

  3. Fi

    ooh i don’t know if this will help at all but in futre it might be wise to get the pics/vids onto your laptop before you fly home.

    A friend of mine has had her memory card wiped 3 or 4 times whilst coming through customs/check in. Maybe it’s the metal detector type thing but either way, i now get them onto my laptop before flying thus preventing any loss and disappointment.

  4. That is very good advice – I’m glad I did that halfway through the holiday so the first half were secure. In future I’ll definitely be downloading any pics before going through an airport.

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