400 posts down – where am I going now?

Long time readers will know I’m a big fan of arbitrary milestones and I’m celebrating another one now.  While I was on holidays, the automated Angrymotron3000 ™ pushed this blog past 400 posts.  At each of my previous 100 post milestones I’ve set myself a goal to reach in the next 100.  Each time I’ve ended up meeting the goal even when it was a “stretch” goal like the last one – getting paid (thanks to The Fizz on 101/DirecTV).

My 500th post should happen at around the same time as my one year anniversary (the end of March) so I think I need to set myself one big motherfuckin’ hairy-ass audacious goal for this one.  The thing is, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and there’s only one goal that makes sense to me now: turn this stuff into a professional gig and quit my day job. 

Maybe this is wussing out but I don’t think aiming to quit my day job in the next couple of months is a viable goal.  What I want is to have a concrete plan in place to reach the goal of turning all of these shenanigans into a paying gig.  There are a number of ways to pursue this and at this point, I have to admit, I don’t think I’m going to end up being a “professional blogger”. 

I think they most likely path to success is to convert what I’m doing through this blog and YouTube into money via another medium.  I know this isn’t very Web 2.0 but I do think it’s realistic.  Plus, here’s a little tip about all this “Web 2.0” hoo-ha: most of it is unmitigated bullshit.  If I’m ever going to make money out of my writing and/or performing it’s most likely to be in the form of publishing a book, writing for a magazine or newspaper, or working in TV or film.  Or possibly stand-up comedy.  But nobody makes money doing stand-up comedy so fuck that.

The last month or so has been my most unfocused time since starting this blog but the holiday’s over now.  Besides getting into gear for my plan I promise to check in with every else’s blogs more regularly now too.  Because that’s what it’s all about – without the support of all my regular readers and commenters I’d be nowhere so it’s only fair I return the favour.  Stay tuned for further development and. of course, a whole lot more angriness.



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22 responses to “400 posts down – where am I going now?

  1. tom

    I’ll certainly be staying tuned to see what ideas you come up with, as I already know you’re a very bright guy and, as a former colleague at Sun liked to say, “always on the foreskin of technology”!

    The “professional blogger” thing is a curiosity to me – have you seen ‘http://www.dooce.com/’? she’s made something of a career for herself this way, and although it’s not my cup of tea, her story is somewhat interesting. She even ended up being interview by Time when they were selecting their idiotic ‘man of the year’ (she was the pretty-white-chick-stay-at-home-american-mom blogger entry)

    i have no idea where the money is in any of this, but then i’ve always been clueless about money :}

    congrats on 400 & onward & upward

  2. Salamaat,
    wow Angry. It’s sooo awesome to be watching from the sidelines. I hope you break into a nice regular TV role 🙂

    Either way, 400 posts is a whole lot in less than a year? you are inspiring mate 🙂

  3. I have several friends who live from making stand-up and TV comedy (mostly on national public service TV) in Sweden, and to me, you’re just as good as them so..

    And anyway, actually, I’m trying to start a serious, premium web TV channel (mostly directed at entertainment/comedy and indie music/media) here in Sweden on the indie TV platform I started last month, called “Oberoende.TV”.

    We’ve only got about 5,000 USD in capital right now – but that’s just what I’ve raised from people I know in a month, without an official business plan or web software platform.

    Would be cool to have you (and range and gruntski) on in some way, anyway. I’m currently trying to puzzle together our first two 1 hour broadcasts for Easter (early April). Perhaps you’re interested in contributing something for our young Swedish audience? 🙂

  4. Happy 400! Good luck with your goal for the next 100, whatever you decide it might be. And whatever you want to do, try it, it might just work.. I’m hardly the person to be encouraging that because I never try anything myself, but other people seem to have more luck than me, so go for it, whatever it is!

  5. @ Daniel- I’m in!

    I reckon I’ve got something that the young Swedish audience can have… 😉

    The only problem that I see is… I can’t speak Swedish, and Mr Angry’s only problem is that he can’t swear in Swedish…

    But I am sure we’ll work through it…

  6. Tom: yeah, I’ve seen Dooce – she’s also part of the jargon now as she lost her job because her employer discovered her blog and didn’t like it. So getting fired for blogging is now known as being Dooced.

    Maliha: TV would be nice, you never know. And it’s a bit spooky that you’re inspired by an obsessive/compulsive lunatic 😉

    Daniel: Hell yeah, I’ll join in. Just give me an idea of what you’d like and I’ll do it. I’m always keen to speculate on the future 🙂

    Michelle: Don’t be so hard on yourself, you leapt into an overseas adventure which is more than I’ve ever done. I’ve already succeeded far beyond anything I dared hope so who knows where it will all end up?

    Gruntski: That’s the spirit mate! Plus, swearing is the universal language 😀

  7. Where ever you go, what ever you do, I got your back. I am so glad to have come this far with you. 😀

  8. Well, that is admirable.
    It is a daunting task.
    For now, I have put similar plans on hold for the next few years.

    Happy 400th post, I know I hit that milestone and almost forgot about it; I was just a bit too busy.

    Since it looks like your plan is already proceeding forward, I wish you the best of luck. On my part, in Taiwan, I plan on opening a language school in the next few years.

  9. Sandra: I would never have gotten this far without you and everyone else.

    Range: Thanks mate. It’s great that you’re settling into Taiwan, I think you’ve got some interesting times ahead.

  10. Well, I’ll start looking into subtitles then! 😀

  11. Quote Range: On my part, in Taiwan, I plan on opening a language school in the next few years

    Could you teach Mr Angry and I to swear in Swedish?

  12. Gruntski: no problem, we will try to find something that works!

    It’s funny how the schools here in Taiwan are a business, more than anything else. There is a market for foreign owned school and they are rare and accept few students.

  13. It’s great to see you’re serious about it 😛

  14. Range: English language schools are big business all through SE Asia, including Australia.

    Daniel: Gruntski and I are definitely in – you can be the only Swedish channel dominated by Australians 🙂 Angry foul-mouthed Australians 😀

  15. And we can just call it the AA Show or ASS (Australian-Swedish Show) 😛

  16. Let’s call it ASS. And you could lead in with- Thanks for watching My Ass, brought to you by… well….. MYass… http://gruntski.wordpress.com/2006/11/23/some-more-stupidvery-clever-advertising/

  17. I’m doing a special ASS post today to celebrate.

  18. Sounds good! I have always been a fan of Angry Alliance, but hey, if ASS suits us…

  19. Hell yes range, the whole angry alliance is going to take over the world!

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