Showing my sexy ass on YouTube

No, I haven’t become a gay porn star.  Or at least I’m not willing to admit to being a gay porn star.  Although I’d get a lot of search engine traffic if I started promoting hot man on man gay butt sex action.  My god, I’m cynical. 

Basically, I wanted to celebrate the impending launch of the ASS joint venture with Daniel, Gruntski and myself (and who knows who else).  See the comments on this post if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  The announcement of ASS coincided, completely unintentionally, with me showing my arse on YouTube in this video:

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s a response to this video from one of my favourite people on YouTube, Mr Safety:

Mr Safety’s “Hairy Ass” video

So who knows, maybe ASS will soon become a household name.  Remember you heard it here first.



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7 responses to “Showing my sexy ass on YouTube

  1. tom

    Have you seen the film “Idiocracy” by Mike Judge? In it, the Oscar for best film (500 years from now) goes to a movie called ‘Ass’, which is 90 minutes of nothing but a man’s ass. Once again, ahead of your time (and this time by a lot)!

  2. Idiocracy hasn’t opened here yet, I’m really looking forward to it. I think the film “Ass” must be a movie adaptation of the series we are obviously going to develop for ASS TV. Oooh, I just thought of something – if we change the name to TV ASS we will get a lot of porn seekers looking for transvetite ass. That’s pure search engine gold!

  3. rotflmao…

    “oh look, my ass just fell off….”

    “Where did it go?”

    “It’s ass-caped to join ASS TV!!!!”


  4. Oh, yes! We’ll be selling your ass on TV in a couple on months.

  5. Come on man, SHOW THE FEET
    some one subscribe to me
    he is subscribe to people with thier feet as thier profile pic.

  6. Gruntski: no apologies necessary – we’re all ASSes here.

    Daniel: damn right!

    Dusmar: Ah, the foot-ophile has migrated from YouTube 🙂

  7. timethief

    It’s cute. 😀

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