Angry Australia Day

It’s Australia Day today – our national day and I’m celebrating in the traditional way by scorching some dead animals.  But am I a proud Australian?  Well, let’s start with a definition of “proud”:



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3 responses to “Angry Australia Day

  1. That’s some speech, cousin, but don’t you feel pride in the achievements of your cricket team?

    I’m a proud gorilla, but only because I hold the record for the number of locusts eaten in a single sitting (8374).

  2. I’m entertained by the cricket team, for sure. Watching the poms get annihilated was fucking hilarious.

  3. Ztop ze patriotizm! We need ze theme zong!! 😀

    And nice meat! In Sweden we eat bacon. That’s why Miss Piggy looks like Greta Garbo. True story, ho hum..

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