What does kiwi poo taste like?

AKA “The Return of the Little Angries“.

My life is fraught with peril.   A perfectly respectable novelty girft from New Zealand is used by my kids to play an awful prank on me…



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4 responses to “What does kiwi poo taste like?

  1. That’s funny. Kids (when given the opportunity) have the best come-backs ever. And the best initial strikes.

    Excuse me whilst I go and beat my next-door neighbours willy senseless. Fuckin’ dog.

  2. Where does time fly? Well, I let Bluebird.TV out of its cage today (another jaspoid concept to be) – perhaps it stole my time?

    You’re one prolific bastard these days, Mr Angry.. Good.

  3. Mr. Angry, Mr. Angry Jr looks just like you! The same eyebrows 🙂

  4. He even looks like me without a mask!

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