Some Angry News you may have missed

Here’s some more behind the scenes news reporting from Mr Angry.

The first story revolves around a major Australian festival known as The Big Day Out. This is actually a series of concerts featuring major Australian and international acts that tours the capitals every summer. The Sydney show is almost always on Australia Day and last year it happened to arrive not long after the Cronulla race riot – an unfortunate event where a large crowd seemed to mistake “patriotism” with “being a drunken bogan fuckwit”.

At last year’s BDO there was a phenomenal amount of flag waving. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this but there were several cases were it took on menacing and racist overtones. One of the most obnoxious incidents involved a moron draped in the flag walking down a line of people urging them all to kiss his flag. When one person, inevitably, refused the drunken dork punched the dirty commie refusenik. Oh, and then the flag waver ran away. How unlike a racist to be a coward.

Anyway, the organiser of the BDO decided he really didn’t want that shit this year. So he made a public announcement. Did he stick to saying he didn’t want people to be aggressive drunken dickheads? No he didn’t. He showed the astonishingly poor judgement to say he didn’t want people to wear the Australian flag to the concert. You can imagine the shitstorm that followed.

This next piece is the medical breakthrough that caffeine drinkers have been waiting for – caffeine is good for you! Well kinda, sorta. It was positive enough for me to increase my cola intake by several litres a day.



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4 responses to “Some Angry News you may have missed

  1. I have more caffeine in my veins than blood, so I like the news 🙂

  2. All the recent news about caffeine/coffee has given new hope to my plan to live forever! Thanks to modern science a well-balanced diet of caffeine, I may not have to become a vampire after all!

  3. Yes, caffeine will make us all imortal!

  4. FrankieTheSkin

    Gotta love the occasional return to the classics. 🙂

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