Time to polish my re-org boots

I’m greeted at work today by the wonderful news that there’s going to be a company wide re-organisation (AKA the re-org… a popular buzzword) and the structure of my department is going to be upended somewhat.  Most of the announcement falls into the “like I give a shit” category but the one thing pushing Mr Angry into angry territory is I’ll have to move desks.


This will be my sixth desk move and fourth building move in just over a year.  It’s made less of a pain because in this case it’s a good idea.  But piled up on all of last years moves (which were pretty fucking pointless) it’s more than a tad aggravating.  The lofty email communication regarding the move made me think of some old Dilbert cartoons.

When the boss says this is all about “alignment… focus… delivering value…” I get the urge to say “Is this an admission that all previous re-orgs were a complete fucking disaster and utter wastes of time?  And why should we expect this one to be any different?”

But I don’t say that.  Not at work anyway.  That’s what is known in the trade as a “career limiting move.”  And that’s why I keep this blog anonymous.



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7 responses to “Time to polish my re-org boots

  1. I like making “career limiting moves”, but it’s easier when you’re your own boss and have no one to care for but yourself.

  2. You keep showing off about how good it is to be self employed 😀 Make me a TV star dammit!

  3. I second Mr Angry- and me too!!!

  4. ASS TV to rule the airwaves! Gruntski has already written a kick-ass song!

  5. Re-Org… what a nice way to say “Shuffle the deckchairs on the Titanic”.

    Whatever level in a company a re-org starts to hit, you can be sure the real problem is at least one level higher.

  6. Self-employed… I have been that. It’s fun but it sucks sometimes as well, when you don’t know where your next paycheck comes from. You have ups and down and they are difficult to manage.

    Re-org… They tried to make me changes desks this week. I told them no.

  7. Robert: I’m keeping an open mind about the strategic outcome of this re-org but the moving desks again is a pain.

    Range: You said no? You can do that?

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