What do Australians think of Americans?

Here’s me trying to piss people off.  Well, not really.  This video was actually in response to a request from a YouTube subscriber – he’s joining the armed forces which will see him being posted overseas and he was interested in how he might be perceived. 

It’s such a touchy topic that I thought no matter how I handled it, I’d piss people off (both Americans and Australians).  As it turned out, there was remarkably little negative reaction and (unsurprisingly) what negative comments there were missed the point completely.

And so now I present for your viewing pleasure: Mr Angry’s completely opinionated answer to the question “What do Australians think of Americans?”

The URL for this video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A7fHJqZ9OM



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13 responses to “What do Australians think of Americans?

  1. Good, well-constructed and balanced piece! I agree – how can it be that a lot about the US pisses me off, but all the Americans I know are lovely?

    I must say when I was in Oz (Sydney, 2004) I was struck by the number of American stores – Starbucks, K-mart and the like – that you don’t see in most of Europe. No point here really, just an observation.

  2. As YouTube is still banned from work, your site is now largely soothing white space to me. I shall, therefore, continue to believe that Australians think Americans shit ice cream and shoot happiness rays out of our eyeballs.

    There. I feel better.

  3. My boyfriend is American, he lived in Prague but had to go back for a while. He hasn’t been online for days for some reason or another. I blame America.

  4. I love my country. That does not mean that I love everything about it. Bush is an ass….I didn’t vote for him.

    I am trying to do my best to get you publicity – sending your videos to all my friends. 😀

    Would love to be in Australia right now, it is COLD in Texas.


    • Please forward me your address. I have a case of Whiskey and a carton of asbestos I would like to send you. Don’t forget to vote for Obama, you freak!

    • Well done you worthless brain dead little cunt. You are exactly why America has a bad reputation around the world. Go choke on your own drool you pathetic inbred shit stain.

  5. Paddy: treating people as individuals often helps you get past “big picture” things that piss you off. And yes, we get more and more US chains here all the time. At least wee finally got Krispy Kreme donuts! Wooo!

    Weasel: I’m glad the white spaces and you summed up my video perfectly

    Michelle: I think you’re probably right.

    Sandra: I love the whole bastard clan too! We’re about to get some stinky hot weather, ranging from 30 -40 C for the next four days straight.

  6. Krispy Kremes……holds the world together in unity and love. 😀 (and extra pounds on the tush)

  7. Paddy’s right, every American I have met (bar two) outside the US has been intelligent, interested, thoughtful and charming. Inside the US on the other hand…. hmmmm.

    Successive British Governments have had a very odd attitude to the Pacific theatre, not just Winston Churchill. I would not be here now if it was not for Hirosima and Nagasaki. I’ve never really known what to make of that. I think the thing not to forget about Churchill’s situation was that for years it was actually extremely unlikely that Britain would escape without invasion, and even more unlikely that we (Allies and Empire included) would actually win.

    We were there too, you know. My father was in Changai and worked on the Railway alongside many Australians, whom he liked and respected enormously. But there is and always has been an odd sort of national denial about the Pacific theatre – the Burmah veterans are the ‘forgotten’ veterans of WWII here.

    An irritatingly fair-minded post, if I may say so. Why can’t you be ANGRY?

    We like angry!


  8. Aphra: I only get angry about pointless things, not important things 😉

  9. prabhagovind

    Interesting 🙂

  10. Lucy Borrego

    I really enjoyed watching your video on this topic and I think you did a great job exposing both points (both bad and good side of america) without offending any one 😀 I’m totally sharing this video with my friends and sending you all my best wishes (regarding your growing fame) from Texas!!!

  11. Thanks for your support Lucy 🙂

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