Nazis are lazy

I’ve shared my adventures in dealing with self-proclaimed Nazis and other racists on YouTube in a number of posts in the past.  About a month ago I got sick of dealing with them and simply stopped allowing comments on the videos in question.  After 500 – 600 comments on each video, all that could possibly be said had already been said.  Any comments still coming in were simply repetitive and pointless.

At first I had some misgivings about closing the comments.  Not because of any “free speech” issues, I’d let the ignorant fuckers rant on at length already and besides, they could always make their own videos putting forward their point of view if they wanted to.  I had some worry that these videos might be idiot magnets and with the ability to comment on them taken away, the morons might spill over into my other videos and/or this blog.

I did see some signs of this at first and I gave some thought to going back and re-opening comments but I decided to bide my time and see how things developed.  What I discovered was this: Nazis are lazy.  Every now and then one of them makes a racist comment on one of my other videos and I’ve deleted two or three comments that crept onto this blog but all in all, their obnoxious stupidity hasn’t spread very far.

It seems that most of these drooling troglodytes are stopped in their tracks when they are unable to comment directly on a video where I suggest that just maybe Nazism isn’t favoured by the vast majority of thinking humans.  That’s another funny thing: I never realised criticising self-proclaimed Nazis was so contentious.  It seemed like a no-brainer to me.  It seems I had too high an opinion of humanity and didn’t realise how many no-brain losers actually had access to a computer and internet connection. 

Clicking on the link to another of my videos (let alone going to the trouble of clicking through to this blog) seems too difficult for 99% of the “master race”.  If anyone had any fears of large scale Nazism rising again, let me put those concerns to rest.  These idiots certainly exist and they make inroads in some political circles in some countries but there’s no danger of them taking over the world.

They’re too fucking lazy.



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7 responses to “Nazis are lazy

  1. Gotta love ’em nazis! 😀

    How many million dollars have been made pulling jokes and doing stand-up just on them? You’ve got a multi-million dollar business right there.

  2. Well, you know those kinds of people who’ll just wait til the movie comes out? It takes effort to actually read something, rather than just watching them say it, not to mention a certain amount of intelligence…

  3. Salamaat,
    aaah, you gotta love laziness and procrastination, it does keep the world safe and sound….

  4. You will never believe what I found at a bookstore in Taiwan. An Adolf Hitler notebook, right next to a Che Guevara notebook. I will have to go back and take pictures. It had a swastika and everything, I was completely in shock. I might have to go back and buy it to make sure it exists. My wife saw it and she was appalled as well.

  5. Hellboy

    i think Nazis are not lazy, it just take them too much time to figure out, may be next decades you find some videos made against yo!
    @ range: i really wanna see those pictures :shocked:

  6. Daniel: I do so enjoy mocking them

    Michelle: Yeah, intelligence doesn’t play much of a part in these people’s lives

    Maliha: Yeah, the rednecks keep saying they’ll rise up but it never happens

    Range: That’s weird. Some people criticise the trendy nature of Che Guevara images because he did bad things. But Hitler themed designs are really pushing it.

    Hellboy: yeah, they’re not real quick.

  7. I’ve just come back from Taipei, it’s on my to do list for tomorrow.

    I won’t buy it, but I will definitely take pictures.

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