Mr Angry moves one step closer to world domination

Readers with good memories will recall that last year I did some videos for a show called The Fizz on the DirecTV network in the states.  The magic of the internet lets me perform for a TV show I’ll never see.  Well, the big news for me is that the producers of The Fizz have been given the go ahead for a new series which they’re calling The Fizz Newzz.  The format will be a news review type of show and there will be two new episodes a month for six months.

And I’m determined to be on every one of them.

The Fizz guys let me know about the new show and encouraged me to submit videos saying how much they liked the previous material I had submitted (note to the world in general – flattery works extremely well on me).  And of course, a news review format works well for me, seeing as how that’s the approach I take for about half of my videos.

All of which is evidence that you don’t have to be noticed by everybody, you just have to be noticed by the right people.  While I have some dedicated fans on YouTube, I’m barely a blip on the radar with around 600 subscribers.  You need 20,000 subscribers to crack the top 20 on YouTube and you need more than 5,000 subscribers just to be in the top 100 “channels”.  But subscribers alone won’t make you money.  I’m yet to make my fortune via The Fizz but they did pay for the flights to New Zealand on my recent holiday.

While being paid by The Fizz is nice, being able to say I’ve been on TV is far more valuable.  The more cutting edge and forward thinking producers are looking to media like YouTube for new ideas.  The less imaginative but higher up the food chain producers are much more likely to notice someone who’s already been featured on a TV show, even when it’s a niche show like The Fizz.

And all of it happening outside Australia.  This is, as I’ve mentioned before, the best possible method of progression for me, for two reasons.  First, the serious action (and money) is in the USA.  Not to indulge in too much cultural cringe but the Australian market for TV and film is about 1% of what’s on offer in the US.  Second, I’d rather not get too well know in Australia until I’m earning enough as Mr Angry to give up my day job.  I’d like to quit being an IT worker when it suits me instead of finding it impossible to get work because everyone is freaked out at the concept of having Mr Angry work for them.

So I proceed by stealth until I am ready to crush my enemies.  When my power has grown everyone on THE LIST pays!  Every prick who’s ever pissed me off will feel the wrath of Mr Angry.  I never forget.  Oh, and I’ll be hiring my faithful posse members to mete out justice (I’m looking at you Sandra). 

Oh well, I can dream.



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9 responses to “Mr Angry moves one step closer to world domination

  1. Put the fMM photo guys on that hit list, they just fucking piss me off!

    Ah that felt good!

  2. OK, they’re on the list. Who are they?

  3. gruntski

    You could also have a go at the NSW RTA, they’re on my hit list at the moment (PRICKS!!!!!).

  4. Is this a VIP thread or something? Hi, friends. Good times. (I’ll start working on ASS TV again Thursday.)

  5. I found a friend….

    let me start that again…

    I found a friend with a digital video camera! I’ll record some stuff for you soon, Daniel.

  6. I’m ready honey ! 😀 (notice wides smile…new teeth)

    Look out your arseholes that pissed the ANGRY man off! Got my cuffs out o~o…..arsekicken boots ready!

  7. Grunstki: yeah, I’m not a fan of any government bureaucracy and the licence/registration folks tend to really suck. Plus, I’m glad that you found a friend 😉

    Daniel: everyone’s a VIP here.

    Sandra: Anyone on THE LIST who isn’t scared has no idea who they’re dealing with!

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