Inappropriate Valentines

On this auspicious Hallmark festival, I thought I’d provide you some of my wisdom.  Valentine’s Day is all well and good if you’re in to that sort of thing, but heed my warnings:

1. It’s possible to push things too far

2. Being “individual” is fine but there’s such a thing as being too individual.

Allow me to illustrate with a video:

Of course, I think it’s perfectly valid to ignore Valentine’s Day altogether (I didn’t but if you want your significant other to kill you go right ahead).  But if you’re in a bah, humbug mood (or whatever the equivalent for Valentine’s Day is) you could always try these anti-valentines (thanks to engtech for pointing to these).



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13 responses to “Inappropriate Valentines

  1. Will

    Perhaps if she was into entomology she would have appreciated it more…

  2. I just did a bunch of updates with geek valentine stuff

  3. omg I went to the anti-valentine site. Those are wonderful!!! I really didn’t think it would be appropriate to send the one to my supervisor that has the single picture of the rose on it. (wondering how I could do it anonymously…he really IS a prick). 😀

  4. Will: he was obviously going out with the wrong girl

    engtech: I love your lists. And perl poetry? Man, you continue to out-geek everyone.

    Sandra: Yeah, they really seem perfect for people you don’t like.

  5. I kinda feel sorry for old St. Valentine (it is St.Valentine’s day after all) I mean, he died for his faith – and all he gets remembered for is a day when awkward socially inept men fail to read their female acquaintances minds and get punished for it. In fact, apparantly there are three possible St. Valentines, and all of them are martyrs – coincidence?

    Still, at least we’ve heard of St. Valentine – how many other saints have you heard of? (Patron Saints, and St. George Especially not allowing, partly because you were probably taught in school about them, and also because dragons don’t exist, and St. George never killed one.)

    On another note, does anyone else feel the icy cold grip of death when the phrase “if you cared you wouldn’t have to ask” is uttered?

  6. Massif – the answer is ‘yes I care, I’m just not a mind reader’.

  7. oh btw, Mr. Angry, the link to the anti-card has gone out all over the world. It’s the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen. 🙂 good on you.

  8. Massif: I went to catholic school, I know heaps. Like the fact that St Claire is the patron saint of TV. True.

    Sandra: I think you’re right with how to deal with manipulators. Also, that site had a funny update when they said their servers were being hammered “but I don’t know why, there’s nothing significant about the date.”

    Suroor: It’s the luuuurve mask 😉

  9. The “I love you” covered in dead ants is cool on the front stoop is cool! This would be the first Valentines Day I have been single in ummm a while and was actually quite nice.

    Love the love mask Mr. Angry 😉

  10. Well, Gruntski had a ball at least.

  11. Yeah, very sexy lips 😉

  12. Jessica: liberation can be a wonderful thing!

    Daniel: not sure what you mean

    Suroor: I think I’ll call that mask “Dr Lurve”

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