Angry News Sex Videos on YouTube

I’m getting really shameless with my post titles lately.   It cracks me up how well it works as well.  You may well notice how often my “Virgin worship, Anal Sex and Oral Sex” post shows up in the “Top Posts” section.  I don’t think this is because of the number of people who want to hear my views on sexual repression in the name of religion.

Without it being premeditated, I seem to have been doing a few videos this week on the topic of sex.  And the law.  But it’s more attention grabbing to say I’m making sex videos.

This first video is about the cops in Sydney busting most of the sex shops in Kings Cross – Sydney’s notorious red light district.  Something a lot of people may not be aware of: hardcore or X-rated porn is illegal almost everywhere in Australia, including Sydney.  Apparently we aren’t adult enough to deal with images of adults having sex.  The thing is, the law basically hasn’t been enforced for about 20 years.

“Adult” shops have been selling porn for ages.  For a while, the sold it out of “secret” back rooms but that didn’t last long and it hasn’t seemed to be a problem that they sell illegal porn pretty much out in the open.  Now the media have been reporting that the cops launched raids on most of the sex shops in Kings Cross because they were selling kiddie porn.  The fact that there is an election coming up probably has nothing to do with the police actions.

If I was living in Sydney I could probably find out if the cops really did find any child porn.  I’m sure they’d sell me some if I asked.  The NSW police – the best force that money can buy.

This second video is highlighting that there is actually some sanity in the US legal system.  A judge has recently thrown out a lawsuit brought by some parents against MySpace.  Apparently their 13 year old daughter lied about her age, hooked up with someone via MySpace ran away from home to meet him and was sexually assaulted.  An appalling turn of event but it seems the parents didn’t feel like taking care of their daughter was their responsibility.  Because MySpace didn’t take enough care of their daughter they felt compelled to sue.

There’s nothing I take more seriously than the safety of my kids.  That’s why I take care of them myself, I don’t expect a fucking web site to look after them.



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5 responses to “Angry News Sex Videos on YouTube

  1. I wonder how much of it actually made it back to the cop shop. Although, maybe the cops, being aware of the impending raids, went shopping prior… In much the same vein as the private investigators having sex with prostitutes “for investigatory purposes”…

    Imagine, being married to those P.I.’s

    Wife:”How was your day at work, darling, how are you feeling?”
    P.I.”Funny you should ask, actually.. I’m rather fucked at the moment…”

  2. Oh, I’m sure it all made it back to the station, they have a better inventory and storage system there. Plus, the buyers know where to come. And you’ve never stopped thinking about those PI’s being paid to shag prostitutes, have you? 😉

  3. we were raided in kings cross on valentines day, as far as we are aware No child porn has ever been sold from any of the stores raided, we are still awsking why only this street has been targeted, and continues to be targeted and harrassed ona daily basis., we blog the daily harrassments on our web site for past year.. cheers sysop

  4. Fight the power, man. If I was in a cynical mood I’d say it was because of the state election. Or maybe someone just missed a payment on their protection money.

  5. I guess if you’re serious about promotion, you sometimes have to use eye-catching titles for your posts. I found your post by searching for “Sex videos on YouTube,” which is what I recently talked about on in my “Sex Videos” post. On Yahoo, my post was at the number 3 spot, right behind yours in the number 1 spot. You’re number 1 on Google too; I don’t show up until the second page there. Congrats on getting the top spot in the Search Results!

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