Me next please YouTube – LonelyGirl15 takes Hollywood

I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly surprised when I read the news that Jessica Rose AKA Bree AKA LonelyGirl15 has scored some film roles.  Some people seemed to think that blowing the cover of the LonelyGirl15 makers would ruin their popularity on YouTube.  After all, “Bree” became popular because people thought it was the honest video blogs of a young girl – when they found out she was an actress and the videos were made by a professional production team, they’d rise up in revolt, right?

Not so much.  They scored loads of publicity, major newspaper coverage worldwide and appearances on a number of high profile TV shows.  I don’t really go along with the way they lied to everyone but it’s hard to argue with success.  They showed that short internet videos could be used to tell a story in a new way and connect with audiences in a way that wasn’t possible before.  And now they’ve shown that online video can be a launching pad for a mainstream career.

Me next please.



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8 responses to “Me next please YouTube – LonelyGirl15 takes Hollywood

  1. gruntski

    I’m Rootin’ for ya, Mr Angry…

    Actually, I just wish I was rootin’…

    Anywho, good luck (break a leg)

  2. gruntski

    Oh, and BTW…


  3. gruntski

    What… like an egg>???

    My medication has run out. I need some more before the little men in white coats come and put me in the lovely jacket with no holes to let my hands out…

  4. So whats your hook Mr A?

    You don’t have bewbs and a vagine. So your going to have to use some other talents you might have.

    You should run your own daytime show. Like Oprah but with a masked man ranting.

    Thing is fox news already has that.

  5. gruntski: make some vids before you get a new prescription 😉

    Benjamin: don’t get me started on the boobs thing. The amount of attention garnered by people who have no talent apart from (arguably) being cute young and female pisses me off.

  6. Strangely it often pisses them off that they get all that attention for being cute, young and female.

    On the plus side you just know their career isn’t going to last too long.

    I was amused the other day watching an advert, some young girl touting her biography – went like this:
    “Everyone thinks they know me, but no-one knows the real me. Now it’s time I tell my story.”
    I was shouting at the TV: “Who the fuck are you?”
    Somehow it’s satisfying that at 26 I’m too old to know who’s who in popular culture at the moment.

  7. You reminded me of a funny line by Australian comedian Charlie Pickering. He mentions that Geri Halliwell (ex Spice Girl) has published TWO autobiographies and says “I defy anyone to look at that statistics and not think… Yeah, I’ll have a go at that.”

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