Some exciting news

Well, exciting for me anyway. As I was driving home from work yesterday I actually heard myself on the radio! My favourite radio station used a grab from one of my videos to illustrate a story on their current affairs show. I called them to say (a) how awesome I thought this was and (b) were they going to explain the source of the clip.

In short, the person who answered the phone said she’d get one of their journalists to call me on Monday so they might actually do a story on me. Or maybe not. You can be sure I’ll keep you updated. Here’s a video I did on the subject while I was all excited:



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6 responses to “Some exciting news

  1. HELL YES!!! Getting my ass kick boots, hand cuffs and posse outfit. Gonna be the body guard for the FAMOUS MR. ANGRY!!!! Cause I was with Mr. Angry from the beginning!!!

  2. gruntski



    Well done, sirrah. Congratulations on your impending fame.

  3. gruntski

    Or should that be infamy?

  4. Wow, I know someone who’s famous, it’s so exciting!

  5. Sandra: You’re definitely chief head-kicker! 🙂

    Gruntski: I think you hit the mark with “infamy”

    Michelle: Well, you know someone who gets excited about the faintest prospect of being famous anyway.

  6. tom

    that must’ve been fun! you might want to consider going into rehab now, before you get famous. wait a minute. i just thought of a new term – prehab! (now i have to blog them damn thing)

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