Art in an alley

This video is a bit of a visual treat and it was a bit of a laugh while I was shooting it as well.  I’ve shown a bit of street around Melbourne before but the stuff shown in this video is all shot in one alley that is often used as a gallery/exhibition space.

While I was shooting this a wedding party showed up and started shooting their photos and videos here.  I like the art but you can judge for yourself whether or not it would make a good backdrop for wedding photos.



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12 responses to “Art in an alley

  1. How rude. They should have known you were going to be there filming, and planned their wedding in Ballarat or something.

    Pricks. Some people have no consideration of others.

    But then again, I fucking hate people anyways, so I’m not suprised.

  2. I love street art, but it seems most of it is done by gang members. I can tell by the tagging that Australia has its share of gangs too.

  3. looks like a lot of web designers graffitti. So many stencils. Because stencils are cool. And your cool if you are doing stencils and you have your lips pierced and you hair brushed down over your forehead. Yeah you and you “Good Charlotte/My Chemical Romance” T-shirt and your jeans that are 4 sizes to small you can only pull them up to the bottom of your ringding because your emo ego has exploded out your ass.

    wait, where was I going with this again?

    That isn’t art. It looks cranial cavity of a meth head.

  4. Gruntski: it was pretty funny, they pretended I wasn’t there and kept shooting. So I pretended they weren’t there and kept shooting.

    Sandra: not really much problem with gangs here, although I’m no fan of tagging.

    Benjamin: Stencil art is very big in Melbourne. Although you may be right about the cranial cavity of a meth head.

  5. Yeah some of it is good. Like the Banksy Death Smiley Stencil just off Chaple St and the Alucard & Starwars Stencils off Brunswick. The rest of it is rubbish.

  6. love this space – friends had a gig here once, and loads of them work nearby. i was running late to meet someone, and almost head-butted a bride blocking my way. wannabe groovy wedding parties suck! mebbe brunswick st was full of latte-sipping brides that day. where will they go next? his n hers absinthe? moshing? karaoke bars? grey street?

  7. Venti: I reckon you’re right there, it reeks a bit of desperation. “Look at me I’m an individual!”

  8. yeh – in the sense of “i’m an individual! i can buy all the street cred my photographer suggests!”

  9. gruntski

    Maybe the photographer should hand out fake blood and fighting knives to get that “authentic” street feel. Or maybe some fake bullet holes for the bridal cars…

  10. what about a crime scene theme? chalk outlines of the happy couple, fake blood spills, bullets, and police tape across the street?

  11. gruntski

    You win… 😉

  12. That’s a melbourne wedding photo: A mob war crime scene!

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