Behind the scenes of “Ghost Rider”

For those of you who don’t know, the recent Nicolas Cage film “Ghost Rider” was mostly shot in and around Melbourne.  It’s a bit of fun watching the film and spotting places I know as well as spotting Australian actors in supporting roles pretending to be Americans.

I decided to shoot a video at one of the locations used in the film and expose a serious flaw in the film.  Also, I shoot some video from 47 floors up in the Eureka Tower.  People who are scared of heights might not like the bit where I fake jumping off the building.



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8 responses to “Behind the scenes of “Ghost Rider”

  1. Yeah, you’re right those of us genetically pre-disposed to not dying by gravity do find that last bit a bit alarming.

    It’s an odd feeling sitting comfortably in your chair and feeling vertigo creep up on you.

  2. Very nice, not much to say except I just got a better connection so I can actually watch the utube clips without being driven crazy, it’s a whole new world for me.

  3. I can’t watch utube because it’s hellish slow and kills my ears and eyes because of the low quality.

    So could you please upload HD versions to my FTP, Mr Angry 😀 I’m one of those hi-fi nerds now..

  4. gruntski

    Arrrggghh, ya bastard… I got a headspin!!! I do suffer from whatever they call being afraid of heights thing is…



    nah, that’s not it.


    Vertigo. That’s it. Sorry about my poor guess before.

    And what you were saying about the Yarra simply isn’t true.

    If you look at it too long without special glasses, the toxins in the water will actually attack you where you stand, and render you senseless, to the point where going swimming in the Yarra seems like a good idea.

    And make you swallow.


  5. Massif: I thought it was only fair I give a warning

    Michelle: awesome! Glad your internet life has improved.

    Daniel: gee, just for you I might do it.

    Gruntski: I think you’ve summed up the toxicity of the Yarra perfectly.

  6. Will

    I saw Ghost Rider last night. I must say, I’m a bit upset that the aussie ‘talent’ they decided to expose the world to was that annoying chick from ‘The Wedge’ (for non-aussies, an irritating comedy about a small town, with a terrible laugh track on a 2 second loop). She was the girl who was rescued from the mugger.

  7. Yeah, I spotted her. Also the grey haired cop was aussie as was the fat guy that got killed by Blackheart. And probably all of the extras.

  8. gruntski

    SPOILERSZ!!!!! (The Z was an accident, but I thought it looked good…)

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