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I’ve decided to experiment with a “Digg this” button now that WordPress have made it easy to add a little widget. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding buttons for the various news/social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, del.icio.us etc. but essentially I could never be bothered to add the code to the template. Plus, I’m not absolutely convinced this is an unequivocally good idea.

After all, I already have top shelf readers. While adding a “Digg” button might generate large amounts of traffic it isn’t necessarily high quality traffic. It’s always possible that the pool of fabulousness that exists here now would be intolerably diluted by an influx from Digg. By the way, this is a social experiment to see how susceptible you all are to flattery. Flattery always works on me so I thought it might get my readers too.

I’m not going to put the code for the button on every post, I’ll probably limit it to the technology related posts (ostensibly the main focus of Digg). When I do it, you’ll see an icon at the bottom of post that looks like this:

digg icon 
If you click on it, this boosts my ranking on Digg thus gaining more of the fame that my shallow soul craves so desperately. This only works if you are already registered and logged in to Digg.com so run off and do that now if you want to help make me fabulously famous.

Like I said, I’ll probably only be putting the code on technology related posts but if I happen to post something that you think should get more widespread attention then let me know. Considering the primary Digg audience, it would help if you think the post would be interesting to young geeky males.



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5 responses to “Digg this

  1. I used to put the icons at the bottom of all of my posts. After a while, I decided it was a waste of time. I mean, more properly, I couldn’t be bothered to do it (those freaking buttons and URLs to change each time, took forever).

    Now the command function for WP.com is great, but you have to add your blog post yourself first onto digg for this work ([digg…]). In a sense, it’s OK, but I find that it’s better when the readers do that.

    I have had del.icio.us waves and reddit waves, but best success used only nowpublic.com. If you have a good PR, you will get quickly picked up by those sites.

    I know that even today, I will receive 10-200 hits because of that Britney Spears post I did back in December. And just so you know, that small post generated 115000 hits until now.

    That post was actually an experiment (to generate a viral wave of web traffic). I hit it pretty well on the nose with that one.

  2. Then again, you will generate more traffic this way, and I am sure that your IT type blogs are a good match to digg.

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  4. Yeah, I think it’s worth experimenting with now that WordPress have made it easy. Digg isn’t actually my favourite site of this type (not even my second or third favourite) so if this works I may go to the trouble of putting icons for some I actually like.

  5. Well, you know it is what it is. I am presently migrating my blog from WP.com to a hosted service, thanks to Daniel. I don’t plan on using the icons anymore, if I have to insert them myself. It’s just such a waste of time sometimes.

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