2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – teaser video

Here’s a taste of both the upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival and what I was up to on Friday night.  As I’ve mentioned before, my old college friend Adrian Calear is directing eight shows during the festival (I know the guy’s an underachiever – only eight shows, what a pussy!)  We got together with five of the performers on Friday night to shoot some videos to promote their shows.

Each person did one “performance” piece (not material from their Comedy Festival shows) and one sit down chat to talk about their shows.  Well, the idea was to talk about their shows but we ended up talking about all manner of bizarre things.  Pretty entertaining stuff all in all.  I’ll be posting them over the coming week and maybe doing some follow-ups as well but here’s a taste of what’s to come:



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3 responses to “2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – teaser video

  1. YouTube is giving me the craps with ISDN speeds – 128 kbit/sek – seems it’s all 1999 again.. except the video quality is early 1970s.

  2. Still. This’ll be interesting to see, so I’m holding out.

  3. Life is imperfect Daniel. Using a free, convenient service has many shortcomings (I should know, I’m the 2nd top result for “YouTube sucks” on Google). I hope I reward your faith and the videos make it worthwhile.

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