Stars of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Danny McGinlay

Another special comedy performance for you – this time from Danny McGinlay.

Danny has a pile of performances coming up including his show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival – “Star Spangled Bender”. For details see his MySpace:



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2 responses to “Stars of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Danny McGinlay

  1. I liked the bit about Lost and the girl being soiled. But come on, the sports jock is hot! You gotta admit he’s down right hot. Danny’s kind of cute too but what does that matter, I’m just a soiled American lesbian who has never been to Australia. What do I know, right?

    I like the second guy the best. Relationship stuff is always funny. Still, the third guy seemed rather brilliant with his act. The third guy, once he perfects that act he’s got a serious hit. Perhaps some of what he said was lost in translation. (translation from PC speakers and an Aussie accent) so maybe the act doesn’t need tweaking at all. Adding notes of who they’re talking about was helpful….. very good you guys, I wish you all well.


  2. Thanks Austin, I’ll make sure the guys get your supportive feedback 🙂 And Hewitt definitely has an athlete’s body – no denying that. I think it’s the “inner” person he doesn’t like.

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