Melbourne Comedy Festival preview – Tommy Dassalo in “The Third Guy”

I had some sit down talks with a few of the performers doing shows at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  I was going to call them fireside chats because that sounded rather cosy but I did the interview in my friend Adrian’s shed and he wouldn’t let me set his shed on fire.  He’s a bastard.

So this chat is with Tommy Dassalo who is performing his show “The Third Guy” both in Adelaide and at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  Despite the lies he tells in this interview he is actually performing although his show is more about history’s forgotten people.  You know the name of the first guy on the moon (Armstrong) and you probably know the name of the second guy on the moon (Aldrin) but who remembers the third guy?

Find out show details and more about Tommy at his MySpace:


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