An Educational Outing

I went out with my kids today to watch a movie at the IMAX cinema. The kids chose “Night at the Museum” – the recent comedy starring Ben Stiller. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to IMAX but it’s essentially a movie projected onto a massive screen, about the size of a two storey house.

And let me tell you, Ben Stiller’s massive brow seen on the scale of a McMansion is pretty overpowering. If I was going for a cheap joke I’d say that it was really hard to tell Ben Stiller from the Neanderthals who come to life in the museum. But you all know I don’t go for cheap jokes.

The IMAX in Melbourne is actually attached to the Melbourne Museum so we passed a little time looking at exhibits before the movie. We were lucky enough to be there at feeding time for a chameleon they had on display so I shot a video which I’ll share with you here. I even did some slow-motion action replays of the chameleon’s tongue shooting out and grabbing live crickets.

Fun for all the family.



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9 responses to “An Educational Outing

  1. Haha @ Stiller’s brow 🙂

  2. Why wouldn’t the YouTube link work?

  3. Thanks for the tip – one wrong keystroke is all it takes for the YT link to not work.

  4. What a cute creature, it looks like it wanted to bond with you.

  5. It certainly seems to regard you quite closely with those trippy eyes.

  6. Ben Stiller looks like he swallowed a ball and it’s still stuck somewhere between his cheeks and his tongue.

    Take the kids to go see the movie, 300. Oh, and take your mother and grandmother, too. All those delicious Spartan men parading in nothing else but a red cape and the teensiest of underwear would surely be fodder for more bonding moments. Oh, and the general theme of dismemberment would surely make an impact, too. The only part of the human anatomy that wasn’t skewered, hacked, or perforated is the earlobe. Then again, perhaps I blinked and missed that.

    Anyway, the movie is so wonderful it made me want to take a blanket, use it as a cape, then run around the neighborhood in my panties, vanquishing my enemies. Spartans are the sexiest fighting machines around. We all should get one. =)

  7. I think 300 is going to show at IMAX as well. How cool would 5 metre high dismemberments be? And don’t get too worked up about Spartan men – they lived an austere life, shunned luxuries and were almost all destined for a brutal death in battle. And all they asked in return was lots of sex with little boys.

    BTW, I’ll definitely watch your movie. Assuming you make a movie of running around your neighbourhood in a blanket and panties 😉

  8. You really should take the kids to Cocoakay. The iguana’s are huge and protected creatures. And when you’re that close to American you can come see ME!

  9. It’s distinctly possible I will be going to the US with the kids in the next year or so. You can be sure I’ll let you know if that’s about to happen 🙂

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