A Quandary

When I started this whole blogging lark, I didn’t know how well it would go or how much I would enjoy it. I’m within a few weeks of my one year anniversary now and I think it’s fair to say I’ve been far more successful than I dared hope and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

While this is all well and good, the quandary it places me in is that the more interesting and enjoyable blogging becomes, the more boring work becomes in comparison. This may seem to be neither surprising nor a particularly big problem but to do my job well I need to be quite engaged mentally. I have a recurring problem in meetings or even sitting at my desk where I totally zone out while thinking thoughts along the lines of:

“Wow, this is boring. It would be way more interesting to be blogging or making videos. I wonder what I can write about next. Wait, was he talking to me? He’s looking at me like he expects me to say something intelligent. Oh crap.”

So I’ve found something that really engages me and makes me feel rewarded but pays me close enough to nothing (gettin’ paid by the Fizz though – woohoo!) Then I have a day job that pays well but hardly inspires me.  This wouldn’t feel like a quandary if I didn’t feel a sense of commitment to the people I work with/for.  They treat me quite well and I’d feel pretty bad if I didn’t do the right thing by them and, you know, do my job properly.

They want me to stay until the end of the year which could work out quite well.  I might have saved enough money to take a few months off work by then or, better still, have lined up some sort of deal where I can make a living doing silly things online.  Even a modest living would be fine.

So in the meantime I just have to make sure I don’t act too bored at work.



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12 responses to “A Quandary

  1. “So in the meantime I just have to make sure I don’t act too bored at work.”

    Don’t we all?

  2. haha Massif said it. I think a lot of people can relate to the quandry you are in. I hope you do find a way to incorporate both…give us “slackers” some hope out here 🙂

  3. What I wouldn’t give to be bored at work. 🙂

  4. Massif: Yeah, I guess it’s a common problem

    Maliha: Salamaat, I’ll keep you posted

    Sandra: You made your choice 🙂

  5. gruntski

    Actually, Mr A, you are one of the main reasons I don’t look bored at work- so many vids to watch, so many comments to post…

    What would I do if I actually had to work for a living? (Although, I do actually work, and sometimes I work hard. But not often)

    Sometimes, though, it’s hard not to laugh. Laughing is usually a give-away that I am doing something non-work-related.

  6. oh what a quandary indeed! 😀

    if only blogging can be called a job that pays well in monetary units then you wouldn’t be having this dilemma Mr. Angry, would you?! LoL 😉

  7. You want to make money from blogging, start writing more lists. Title all your posts “Top 10 Reasons Spleens will eventually replace Linux on the Desktop.” and watch the hits rack up.

    Then all you need to do is get adwords on your blog somehow and all those geeks who’ve ruined their spleens will click through on the spleen enlargement ads and make you a fortune. I imagine that’s a lucrative market, the “geeks in need of internal organs” market.

    Also good are titles such as
    “50 ways to quit your job using rounded CSS corners.”
    “Top 5 famous limbs! The results will surprise you!”

    Remember to liberally use exclamation marks in your titles, but not in your posts.

    Oh… And you’re welcome for the free financial advice.

  8. Mayang: that is my dream 🙂

    Massif: Excellent advice. You’re damn funny, mate.

  9. The Mr. Angry Help List
    How to not be bored at work.

    1. Have multiple open windows on your computer at all times, for those instances when you need to appear busy and intelligent at work.

    2. Have a pen and paper handy for those meetings you attend to cartoon your co-workers.

    3. Bring a mini-recorder when you leave on a bathroom break… and talk while you pee holding talking foreskin while recording your thoughts.

    4. Say you have to make a phone call to a family member outside, and go-to-the-bathroom-and-record.

    5. Change your facial expressions while in those meetings and wherever else you are physically located in the the office. Think about making faces not unlike Mr. Angry Masks.


    bonus – please consider adding (while bored at work) a live preview for commenters writing comments on your blog.


  10. There is absolutely no reason – none! – why you cannot do these at work:

    1. Tie your officemates up and force them to watch you breakdance.
    2. Watch your boss floss.
    3. Wrap, can, or bottle up world peace and sell in on the internet.
    4. Make paper planes and send them a’whizzing every thirty seconds or so.
    5. Chew on your hair strands to the soothing music of Air Supply.
    6. Write children’s books. Children should read them and then quietly slip into shock over the depravity they contain. Sex and violence sell.
    7. Stare at officemates’ armpits and ask, “Do you use deodorant?”

    Oh, and a happy thought for you: What is intolerable is temporary.

  11. Sounds great.

    Leaving a day job can be challenging.
    I did, but not to go off into the blogosphere fulltime, though I wouldn’t mind it (who doesn’t?).

    I left my job with too many hours for a job with a lot less hours and stress. Leaves me with a lot more free time, though until now, we are still getting settled.

    One thing that you should watch is not to burn your bridges, you never know when you will need help from your cronies at work.

  12. Jessica: I will put those absolutely awesome plans into effect when I get back to work on Monday!

    Chloe: Thanks for your great suggestions too! I am going to be very busy putting all of these into practice.

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