My New Charity – Blurred Vision

I’m branching out.  My new money making venture service to humanity is a charity called “Blurred Vision”.  Watch this video to find out all about it.

Send me money.  You’ll feel better about yourself.


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5 responses to “My New Charity – Blurred Vision

  1. OK Mr. Angry, it sounds good, but I want to make sure you’re not just going to take my money and run. I’ll pay you by cheque (heh, then you’ll have incentive to smack me with a 2×4; reminds me of a running gag I used to have: Friend: My bank charges me a dollar every time I write a cheque. Me: Shit, really? Mine charges me $25 every time I write one…)

    Happy Anniversary, by the way!

  2. That sounds more like consultancy than charity work. Perhaps you could go for a few big corporate contracts; hell if you video the whooping being delivered to high-level management types PR could use them to show everyone how guilty the company felt about their exploitative nature.

    “Sure we’re a bunch of profiteering arseholes, but we feel really bad about it. So much so that we’ve hired this guy to beat the shit out of us.”

    That would go down well with the exploited, the guilty and probably with the shareholders as well.


  3. gruntski

    I offer my services (for a small fee) as your designated NSW chunk o’ wood operator.

  4. kyklops: It’s OK, I’ll rob your house after I hit you.

    Massif: I soooooooooo want to do it your way.

    gruntski: I know I can trust you to fulfill your duties well.

  5. How aboot I send you $40 and the address of someone else… lets say Robert Scoble. Could you smack Scoble for me? I’d pay $40 for that…

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