The history of Blurred Vision

The video I posted last night had its genesis almost 20 years ago.  Way back in 1989 I wrote, produced and performed some comedy for a local radio station, JJJ.  Among the comedic gems I produced were a couple of spots for “Blurred Vision”, born out of annoyance with people who thought if they had a walk around the park on a Sunday afternoon they were saving the world.

I updated the concept for the video I just made to give it a Mr Angry flavour and I may well do a few more Blurred Vision spots as I have a few more of my old scripts.  One reason I have a soft spot for these old Blurred Vision scripts is they got me my first complaint.  That feels really special.  This was back in the day mind you, no speedy one line emails or instant messages back then.  This person took the time to type up a letter and fax it in to the radio station.

That really felt like a significant personal achievement.  In this video I tell the story of that complaint and read it from the original fax which I have saved since 1989.  Seriously, it’s that important to me.  Then I go off on a bit of a tangent about the level of hate flying around YouTube right now.  I get pretty angry.  Watch it if you like that sort of thing.



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4 responses to “The history of Blurred Vision

  1. I’m just amazed that anyone has the time to whine about somebody else’s video or troll somebody’s blog. It really means they have a gigantic personal problem, probably little to do with the object of their bile.

  2. I think you summed that up quite well, Drano.

  3. Will

    I guess its inherently a problem with the ease of communication on the internet.

    To complain via letter, you *do* have to construct some sort of argument, and be able to express it without reverting to classic one-liners such as ‘your gay’ (sic) or ‘you suck’. The internet just makes it way too easy to sum up your thoughts in two words, without requiring any depth of personality or intelligence!

    p.s. congrats on irritating someone enough to cause them to put pen to paper! It is a commendable achievement indeed.

  4. It seems like the world is changing faster than people’s ability to adapt to the changes. And thanks, I thought it was a pretty good achievement to piss someone off that much too.

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