A haircut makes all the difference

I made a few videos recently about my own haircut misadventures.  I was lucky, haircuts are important.  Think of how defendants at murder trials always look clean cut – even if they’re homeless psychopathic serial killers, their defence lawyers want them to look good.

As an example, check how legendary rock producer Phil Spector is wearing his hair at his murder trial:



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3 responses to “A haircut makes all the difference

  1. mebbe his lawyers are trying the “wacko jacko” approach – remember how he looked in court?

  2. excuse me but i’ve already waxed lyrical about the power of a good hair cut…

  3. vetti: yeah, and on another appearance Spector was wearing a honey blonde bob wig. He’s definitely going for an insanity plea.

    Maryam: far more eloquently than I ever could 🙂

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