Uncle Angry’s bedtime story

Here’s something a little different after the turmoil I was posting about yesterday. I think we could all benefit from relaxing a bit. And what could be more relaxing than sitting back while your Uncle Angry reads you a bedtime story? So take your shoes off, lean back and let me tell you all about “A Quiet Day In ToyTown…”



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6 responses to “Uncle Angry’s bedtime story

  1. gruntski

    “FUCKOFF, NODDY” would have to be one of the worlds best lines, in any context!!!

    If you don’t get an award for this, Uncle Angry, I’ll get my own M-16 out of the cupboard, and…

    Nah, fuck that, you covered death-threats already.


    I award you the inaugural “Gruntski story of the year award” for “ensuring that when I tell my children this story, my ex will do her level best to make sure I never see my kids again”

    So many levels (and situations) this story applies to. So well done.

  2. Well, those gollywogs had only themselves to blame, without their shoddy workmanship they wouldn’t have enraged Mr. Plod so, and all would be well. Now thanks to their failure to police their own community they’ve angered sensible-minded people and caused the deaths of innocents. People need to learn that if society feels like putting them in groups, they need to behave as a group, and pull together.

    The remaining gollywogs should have been hanged as a lesson to everyone to keep an eye on their friends and neighbours to make sure they don’t slip out of line and leave us all vulnerable to state-sanctioned violence.

    These are important lessons for children, are you going to write them down?

    (I’m not quite sure I laid that on thick enough, on YouTube people would probably think I’m serious; hell, they’d probably agree with me too.)

  3. HAHA! This is precious!

  4. gruntski: Thanks, mate. It’s actually a very old story that was inspired by real events where the cops kicked down a guy’s door in the middle of the night and shot him. He was the wrong guy, but the guy they wanted and the guy they shot were both black, so fair’s fair.

    Massif: There are people on YouTube who would say you aren’t going far enough.

    Suroor: Thanks! But read it to kids at your own risk.

    Tom: Not the first description that springs to my mind, but thanks. 🙂

  5. LOL…think i need a little nap after all that excitement!

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