My WordPress-iversary

Well, I made it through March so that means I’ve officially been blogging every day for over a year.  I managed to get past 200,000 views before the end of the months as well which was nice (just one of many milestones I wouldn’t have dreamed of reaching when I started).  I am going to keep going but this feels like the sort of momentous milestone where I should make a major announcement about my future, so here goes:

From now on I will only blog in a positive tone.  No more angriness.



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11 responses to “My WordPress-iversary

  1. No!
    More angriness please!

    Nah, just kidding. There comes a time when being being angry all the time stops being cathartic. You need to be surrounded by positive things to evolve.

    That’s a great milestone. I’m about two months away from mine and I am looking forward to it as well.

  2. You’re having a lot of milestones these days. Well, keep up the good work, the internet would be a desolate place without you and your razor wit..

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  4. Haha! Good April fools matey.

  5. Nicely picked Paul, it was indeed my little tribue to April Fool’s Day.

  6. Ya got me a bit, being in Asia, I totally forgot about that.

  7. Thank goodness – I was worried there for a minute. 😀

    Happy anniversary babe

  8. I wasn’t even going to do an April Fool’s post but this one occurred to me literally as I was writing.

  9. Mr. Angry I missed your blogiversary. I am so sorry. I understand if you are angry.


    From now on I will only blog in a positive tone. No more angriness.


  10. You were with me in spirit Jessica – and this was just my little April Fool’s joke.

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