Laughter Therapy

I don’t know about you but my stress levels are fairly high lately.  But rather than sit back and let my brain explode I decided to get some therapy.  I’m too cheap and lazy to actually go out and get any professional therapy so I decided to take matters into my own hands.  This video shows my cure-all for a bad mood – laughter therapy with my kids:

I recommend keeping this link handy for when you need therapy.  Maybe even forward it to anyone you know who needs help:



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7 responses to “Laughter Therapy

  1. Great vid, Mr. Angry! Classic jokes, too! There’s nothing like goofing around with your kids to relieve stress and forget about the workaday bullshit…

  2. Why, thank you. I’d been badly in need of therapy the whole day. You’re just what the doctor prescribed.

  3. gruntski

    Thanks, Mr A- appreciated the laughter of your kids. Makes the 6am rise on easter sunday a little easier. And here’s a tip for young players… don’t leave M&M Speckled eggs outside when you are liable to get dew. Whilst M&M melt in your mouth, not in your hand, speckled egg M&Ms melt in dew, too!!!

  4. That was great – laughter truly is a great tonic.

  5. Kyklops: for sure, it was exactly what I needed that day

    Chloe: Glad to be of service. But remember to take in the prescribed doses!

    Gruntski: Valueable information thanks for sharing!

    Paul: The best tonic I know 🙂

  6. Priceless. Wonderful. Your kids are great Mr. Angry.

    “Swallow the leader” – LOL

    My Dad would do that to when telling me jokes. If I didn’t laugh or held it in he begin tickling me. If that didn’t work he would recruit my little brother to hold me down. OMG – so fun.

    Laughter is good. Thanks Mr Angry and children.

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