My Mood

Allow me to sum up my current mood and indeed my whole life at the moment with three words:

Moving.  Fucking.  Sucks.



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6 responses to “My Mood

  1. The worst thing with the whole moving circus is the stuff that appears after you have packed the final FINAL box. Usually it’s stuff with lots of wires and rods that turns out to be impossible to transport without the aid of a camel.

    You have my pity, and I hope your new place has as least as many big cupboards as your old place.

  2. Capri

    I hope you and your family all had a Happy Easter!

  3. I just moved as well and it blows.

    At least I didn’t have any furniture to move!

  4. Paddy: Thanks. The new place is actually bigger which is a great help.

    Capri: Thanks we did 🙂 All the best to you and yours as well.

    Range: I think your move (Canada to Taiwan) was way more stressful than mine!

  5. @Mr. Angry: yep, that was stressful. Putting all our stuff in storage, picking up my visa the day before I was leaving in Ottawa, 2 1/2 hours away from Montreal, by bus, because my car was in storage already…

    Naw, this time I moved from Taipei County to Taipei County. Instead of getting the first apartment we could find, we stayed in a place for a few weeks and then moved into a friend’s place while she out traveling for 3 months in south-east Asia. This will give us the time we need to find a good place and we won’t have any time constraints.

  6. Geese!

    I love talking those big companies down to free for the connection fee. I did it with my internet provider when I was transferring it into my name from my ex’s.

    And speaking of moving – Good GOD! My roommate was given 24 hours notice to leave the building. I am out half the rent and half the damage deposit.

    It is time for me to sell art! LOL! Maybe some of my angry art would be good to sell.

    Glad you saved a hundred bucks and glad to see you made it though the long weekend. I’ve been in flux lately too and haven’t been around so much. I’m feeling better mentally and thus will be reading and commenting at my normal pace, whatever is normal to me? Normal doesn’t really exist eh?

    Boxes. Boxes. Boxes. At the rate I am going I may need to pick up and move Back East. I am doing my damn best to stay here in Vancouver. What season is it in Australia? Spring just arrived here in Canada.

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