Things you don’t want to hear…

… as you move into your new house:

The neighbour practicing the drums.  Heavy metal style.  Loudly.  And badly.



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9 responses to “Things you don’t want to hear…

  1. Oh man!!! that has to bite. Like, big time… Isn’t there a law or something proclaiming that a real estate agent is obliged to let potential tenants/owners know about metal heads living in the vicinity? If there isn’t, there should be.

    You can borrow my .22, when I get it, if you’d like…

  2. Awesome idea mate. Or I’ll just stat making angry videos out in the backyard until I freak him out.

  3. Well, the other night some car alarm or something strange went off in someone’s car on the street I live and went on for ages, almost an hour I think. I thought it would stop in a couple of minutes but it went on and on… I was wondering what the fuck everyone was doing not going and getting it sorted out, and realized they were probably doing exactly what I was doing, lying in bed waiting for someone else to go and get it sorted out. I was almost about to go out and smash the car’s window in and break the alarm or whatever it was, when it stopped. About half an hour it started again, but it didn’t go on for so long this time, maybe only about half an hour. Anyway, the point of my story is.. um, something. At least the guy wasn’t drumming away in the middle of the night.

  4. The world is full of insensitive louts like the one you described. When my partner had had enough of the noise the heavy metal band next door subjected us to party after party weekend after weekend, we organized the neighbourhood and took our revenge.

    Having noted that they were usually dead drunk and face down between 5Am we spoke to all the other neighbours in advance and laid in wait. When they went quiet we started up our Massey Ferguson tractor, chainsaw and lawn mower and began irregular beating on a stainless steel beer keg and a farm triangle.

    The neighbours followed our lead with enthusiasm. ONe set up outdoor speakers with the sound of a freight train coming full bore down the tracks and blowing it’s whistle. Within a half hour the rowdy punk drunks erupted from the house, puked on the grass, waved their puny fists at us and swore.

    Then we good neighbours called the landlord and got him out of bed repeatedly. Each of us making individual calls at 15 minute intervals. Next we called the police and complained about the noise to them. The police arrived first, the landlord arrived second and they were evicted.

  5. Michelle; Ah yes, car alarms. Thankfully they’re pretty uncommon these days – most people seem to have worked out their useless for protecting your car.

    timethief: congratulations! That is one of the most awesome revenge stories I’ve ever heard.

  6. gruntski

    You can borrow my chainsaw, too…!!!

  7. Our neighbours had a huge party lasting until 3 am and keeping everyone awake on the night we moved into our house.

    We were really close to calling the police.

    Fortunately we haven’t heard a peep out of them in the last two years (aside from the occasional blazing rows.)

  8. The one I don’t live with likes having noisy neighbours. One one side of the wall there’s a teenager with a drum-kit, and on the other side of the other wall there’s a lady who – um – well she doesn’t sound very ladylike if you see what I mean.

    But the one I don’t live with likes it. There’s not much he can do which would be worse than the drums and the screaming, and so he feels free to do anything he likes.

    Not my approach, I admit. Which is why I don’t live with him.


  9. gruntski: I may take you up on that offer

    massif: I don’t mind the occasional excess, regular offenders piss me off though.

    Aphra: Sounds like the not living with decision is a good one for you. Now if only you could choose your neighbours as well.

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