Moving is bullshit

My house move enters its final phase tomorrow with my girlfriend’s stuff being moved into the new house and electricity (theoretically) being connected so we can actually live in the new house.  The electricity connection remains a theoretical possibility because the bastards were meant to connect it last Thursday but didn’t do it.  And they didn’t do anything helpful like tell us they didn’t do it – we had to find that out for ourselves.

At the start of a four day weekend.

What a wonderful surprise that was.  And the rat bastards responsible for it weren’t answering their phones until Tuesday.  The emergency number wouldn’t do anything about it because they handle emergencies not connections.  And they really didn’t care how much my life had been fucked up.  And I wasn’t surprised on Tuesday morning when the connection company didn’t give a shit and blamed it on me.

The whole setup is made harder because the electricity supply is broken up into “wholesalers” and “retailers”.  Only a retailer can book your connection but only a wholesaler can actually make the connection.  This cosy little setup lets the fuckers blame each other when they fuck things up.

The same bullshit happened with my cable connection for internet and pay TV.  Responsibility for this is divided between Telstra (phone/internet company) and Foxtel (pay TV).  So when I want it switched off at one place and switched on in another they say this required a tech to visit which means a two week delay and a $100 fee.

I point out this is bullshit because the cable connection is active by default, they just have to start the connection and billing remotely.  I know this because I’ve been through this before and all the fucking tech did was plug a fucking cable into a fucking socket in the fucking wall.  I might be slightly dim but even I can manage that alone.  What was the response to my complaint?

Telstra: That’s a Foxtel policy, we can’t do anything about it.

Foxtel: That’s a Telstra policy, we can’t do anything about it.

These fuckers think they have plausible deniability and when you call them out on it they simply repeat stock phrases from scripts and refuse to actually respond to what you’re saying.  When the dust settles on this move I have an active letter-writing campaign planned.  The evil sacks of shit will ignore the letters of course but I’ll feel better for writing them and getting it out of my system.  I just need to find some heat resistant paper so the letters won’t burst into flames as I compose them.



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7 responses to “Moving is bullshit

  1. We moved last weekend and it SUCKS. But, I love the new house 🙂

  2. Sounds familiar, our house came with a pre-pay electricity meter, and getting it switched to a normal meter was a pain in the ass. Plan A was to transfer over to the company we’d used before, and get them to put a new meter on: We phoned them up, gave them the details, got a letter confirming and never heard anything else.

    A few months later we phone again. Same procedure, same details, same result.

    A month or so after that we phoned again, and again, and again.

    After a year we complained to the Ombudsman, who wrote everyone involved strongly worded letters. The upshot of which was we finally discovered that the previous owners of our house had managed to pay the wrong company for their electricity by the pre-pay meter. (You get this key thing from your supplier, and when you switch you’re supposed to give the old one back. But if you keep using it it keeps working, and the wrong company get paid.) Which is why they’d been blocking the switch, and it was all right they’d let it through this time.

    Like hell they did.

    The best part is that the company which had incorrectly been getting the money was the company we’d been trying to switch to all along, and who hadn’t made any mention of anything other than “the order appears to have become stuck in the system.”

    Eventually we gave up on plan A and went to plan B, which was to stick with the current company (the assholes, unlike the equally asshole-ish people we were switching to) and get them to give us a proper meter.

    Appointments were made, and my fiancee booked time off.

    They decided to come three days early without telling anyone, couldn’t get in to the house, and gave up. They then made another appointment for a time we wouldn’t be there without talking to us about it at all.

    We wouldn’t have found out about the new random appointment if we hadn’t phoned in a “where the fuck are you” mood.

    Finally they came around and switched the meters in 10 minutes. Total time for process to take: 20 months, and 10 minutes.


    In conclusion, if you live in the UK avoid British Gas and Southern Electric like the plague. Seriously, if they could work out a way of giving you the plague via your electricity they probably would.

  3. Suroor: everyone’s moving!

    Massif: congratulations mate, that may be the first time I’ve had a comment longer than the post! I love your conclusion about the plague too.

  4. i’m staying put.

    i can’t believe mr angry is moving in with gf. what will come of all the anger? surely this can’t be good for the blog?

    but shared accommodation – chances of stuff ups by the big companies – yes yes i see how this will work 🙂

  5. Maryam: the blog has always made me happier at home and my gf is very supportive. By venting my anger at the world in the blog home is calm and serene. 😀

  6. I’ve been away ….I’m going to miss that killer view you use to have.

  7. I can always visit a friend there. Actually I should shoot a video from a different apartment with a city view.

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