The Final Connection

I got the final connection in my new home this morning – the bright and shining cable that brings me Pay TV (hurrah! I can watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report tonight!) and high speed internet access.  Now I might actually get around to connecting my PC.

My first goal if all goes well is to finish editing my 300th YouTube video.  Yes, you heard that right, I am so devoid of a life that I have actually used a significant chunk of the last year to create 300 original videos for YouTube.  I’ve posted somewhere in the region of 200 of these to this blog which makes for a decent chunk of the 500 posts over the last year.  My god, 500 blog posts and 300 videos.  For no good reason.  It isn’t as if I get paid for it. 

Actually, that isn’t strictly true.  I’ve been paid (and I assume I’m going to continue to be paid) for doing stuff for The Fizz on DirecTV and that never would have happened without YouTube.  So who knows?  Maybe there’s more return than the shallow gratification my ego gets from knowing that people are watching my ridiculous shenanigans (closing in on half a million video views) and a significant proportion of those people are enjoying what I do.

The 300th video will be similar to the ones I did at the 100 and 200 milestones  – a short grab of each of the videos from the past 100.  I’ve already done about 70% of the editing so I’m hoping to post it in the next day or so.  I have fun seeing how many swears I can fit into the compilation (believe it or not, I don’t swear in every video).  Hopefully you’ll have fun watching it.



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5 responses to “The Final Connection

  1. Hey! Ego gratification isn’t shallow!

    What do you think blogging was invented for? The dissemination of interesting and useful knowledge? Pah! It’s all about the ego.

    In fact, when you really think about it the internet usage breaks down something like this:

    9% ebay + amazon (or shopping if you want.)
    2% wikipedia
    5% other (mainly eclectic news)
    39% People’s Egos (blogs, shrines, homepages)
    45% porn

    Enjoy the Ego! It’s important.

  2. I’m a bit more like this:
    20% Wiki
    55% blog
    15% reading other people’s blogs
    10% email

  3. Massif: that’s a very low porn quotient

    Range: I’m zero wiki but mucho YouTube

  4. Well, I had to take into account that Women don’t generally like porn that much, and make up a good proportion of Internet users.

    I’m sure the male-only statistics are truly horrifying.

  5. Oh dear, gender stereotyping. You wouldn’t get away with that apart from the fact it’s incredibly accurate.

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