Mr Angry presents for your viewing pleasure that blood-soaked, digitally enhanced, homoerotic fantasy spectacle inspired by the legends of Ancient Greece.  Oh wait… that’s the other 300.  This is my 300th video on YouTube.

This is the condensed version of what I’ve been doing since around Christmas: videos 200-299.  Even though it’s condensed be warned, it still runs for 18 minutes.  It’s an interesting insight into how many different ways I can say “fuck”.  Yes, my juvenile sense of humour compelled me to include swearing in the majority of the 5-10 second grabs you’ll see in this compilation.  Enjoy.



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2 responses to “300


    I still love that line…

    Congratulations on reaching the 300 milestone, Mr A- and proud to have been a part of it…

    Maybe I should post some more vids, and stop being so lazy…

    You want some more “fill-ins”? Happy to do so.

  2. Yeah, that was a standout line – no competition for what line to use from that video. Can you believe your vids were in the *previous* 100? Anytime you want to contribute mate, I’m up for it – maybe we should try to work out some sort of collaboration…

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