The Noisy Neighbour

I’m going to trouble you for a little insight today readers.  What would you do if I was your neighbour?  I don’t mean that literally, as in you, yourself, knowing what I’m actually doing here.  I mean pretend you’d never heard of Mr Angry then one day you heard your neighbour screaming in what sounded like an insane manner.

Most people would probably ignore this at least for a while.  But what if it kept happening at semi-regular intervals?   Ranting and screaming.  Every now and then you could pick out what the neighbour was saying and they seemed to be wishing all sorts of violent retribution on a range of people.

Then suppose you actually asked what was going on.  And the neighbour said: “Oh don’t worry about that, I’m just being Mr Angry.  I put on a mask and shout a lot.  Then I video that and put it on the internet.  Nothing to worry about.”

I only ask because I suspect my shed is not particularly soundproof and my neighbours may be able to hear pretty much everything I do when I make videos.  Given that one of the previous tenants was shot in my shed (not fatally and I only found out about this after moving in) the neighbours may not be too well disposed to craziness in the shed.

Fun and games.



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11 responses to “The Noisy Neighbour

  1. Rob

    Given some of the noisy neighbours we’ve had to put up with (some of whom must have been close relatives of Satan, I think), I’d not have much problem with that sort of stuff at all — presuming it doesn’t go on in the middle of the night, but you don’t seem the type to do that.

    Why not invite them round for a “beer and movies night”? Show them what you produce — they’ll likely feel less apprehensive once they see that there’s no pagan sacrifice rituals going on (OK, so don’t show them *that* one 😉 ) in the shed.

  2. tom

    your videos will provide endless hours of overtime for the poor cops who have to pour over them, sifting for evidence! but seriously, Rob has a good idea, just so you would feel more comfortable

  3. Rob

    You could also invite them to “be part of the studio audience”, if you’re comfortable with having people watch while you do it. Um, maybe that wasn’t the best way to phrase it 😉 but you get the idea…

  4. Um.

    I suppose that making videos in the house is just too obvious a solution?


  5. Rob an Tom: that sounds like a good idea – a novel way to meet the new neighbours.

    Aphra: The way sound seems to carry between house here (which is a surprise to me) inside the house is the same issue as inside the shed.

  6. Some friends of mine managed to sound proof a shed using matresses.

    I wondered at the time why they didn’t use sound-proofing material which can easily be bought, and probably doesn’t cost much more than matresses. Maybe they got a deal on matresses.

    Now, they must have had a pretty big shed, because to be able to line it with matresses, and still have room to put a band in the shed would take quite a bit of space.

    I just know I’ve spelled matresses wrong, it’s some kind of rule – use a word more than five times and you’ll automatically have forgotten how to spell it.

  7. I’m looking at following the advice of another YouTuber and using that waffle-mattress-insert stuff as soundproofing. It would also make the sound quality of videos better – less echo.

  8. Rob

    The waffle-mattress-insert stuff will probably do more for reducing the echo than preventing the transmission of sound to the outside world. You may want to put a layer of something denser (know any politicians? 😉 ) between the waffley stuff and the wall.

    Dunno if you can get mineral-fibre insulation batts (take a look at for the sort of thing I mean) Down Unda but it would probably be a good choice if you can get it.

    Or if you really want to get serious about noise attenuation, check out the sound-deadening materials they use in aircraft and helicopters — lead-foil backed with high-density foam rubber, for example…

  9. Sounds like some hard-core solutions. I care more about my sound quality than the neighbours so it will probably be waffle-foam for me 🙂

  10. I’ll show up on your doorstep, chocolate cake and fried chicken in tow, and say meekly but cutely, “Can I watch the video live?” =)

    Move here. Our neighborhood needs some pulse. You would be that “weird” man who gets blamed for everything – from the disappearance of pets to power interruptions.

  11. An I would let you in, Chin, chocolate cake or no. Plus I’ve seen how superstitious Filipinos can be – I’m sure I would soon have a variety of dark powers ascribed to me.

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