April 25th – ANZAC Day

Lest we forget


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3 responses to “April 25th – ANZAC Day

  1. Will

    Another chapter in the Mr Angry Informational & Inspirational series! Well done.
    I had no idea about those retreat plans, really quite incredible.

    My only suggestion would be to use more maps in the first video, with little dotted lines to emphasize what/where you were talking about!

    For the last 5 years I’ve marched in our local brass band in 3 different local anzac services, starting from 5.15am. Despite the fact I usually don’t enjoy being up that early, I find it is my way of supporting all the things that anzac day and the anzac spirit are all about. And every year it seems the crowds get larger, especially at the dawn service.

    P.S. The only joke in those videos were the braces! Hah, just kidding, I’m a big fan of braces. And cuff links.

  2. Thanks, Mr Angry- It’s a bit sad that I learnt more from watching those three vids than I ever learnt about this stuff when I was at school…But it’s also very cool.


  3. Will: Braces are coming back! I’ve been trying to get them re-established as a fashion item for 10 years. And I would have liked to do something like maps but I’m working with zero budget and I’m very lazy.

    Gruntski: Glad you liked them mate, I just felt the urge to spread a bit of knowledge 🙂

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