Phone company from hell

One of the things that has caused me immense pain in my recent move is being jerked around by utility companies.  Getting my phone, internet, gas and electricity connected has been a drawn out, expensive and agonising affair.  The connections have taken ages to get finalised and the extra charges they levy are nothing short of mafia-level extortion.

I noticed something on my phone bill that sums their attitude up.  The contact number for the phone company includes the digits “666”.  This is the company that actually sets phone numbers.  They can have any phone number they want.  And they’ve chosen to go with a number often associated with the bearded chap weilding a pitchfork.

To me, this is the most collosal “fuck you” they could send customers.  They’re essentially saying “Yeah, we’re evil.  What are you gonna do about it?  We’re going further than not denying it, we’re positively revelling in our demonic behaviour.”

You may think you have a bad phone company but I really  have the phone company from hell.



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10 responses to “Phone company from hell

  1. I find it distressing that so many companies seem to operate, and yet are really bad at getting customers signed up for their service. It’s like they don’t want us to use them; but we’re so stubborn that we insist. And then we bitch about them for ages.

    At least they could be ultra efficient when it comes to connecting people, and then be evil later. But they don’t seem to need to be; customers are banging on the door begging to be fucked in the ass by their appaling customer service.

  2. Ramshackle

    Or perhaps the 666 was simply their way of saying, “if you are superstitious enough to be offended by this, you’re retarded and we probably don’t want your business anyway.”

    Hey, sign me up for one of those numbers.

  3. Ah, numbers.
    It’s funny because here in Taiwan, as well as most of Asia, 666 is considered lucky. In fact, I have seen a police station with the number 666 as a street number.

    That’s one police station you should stay away from, prisoners go straight to hell!

  4. Massif: I had the WORST problems with connections this time. Absolutely insane shit I’ve never had to put up with before.

    Ramshackle: you make a good point.

    Range: I thought 888 was lucky? Seeing 666 everywhere wouldn’t surprise me, after all, you found a notebook decorated with swastikas didn’t you?

  5. My favorite bar in the city I went to college in was on 666 South Ave. It fit the address. 🙂

  6. According to QI, the number 666 isn’t the number of the beast at all, it’s 616 you need to look out for.

    Of course they could be wrong, but Stephen Fry wouldn’t lie to me would he?

  7. Phone companies… Ah, if someone were to start up a Telstra-like system, with half-decent connection and customer service people who actually sound as though they want to be of service, they’d make a killing. As in, killing. 666. Follow?

  8. Can’t you switch?

  9. cherikooka


  10. candice: for a bar, it works 🙂

    Massif: But if Stephen Fry isn’t lying that means Iron maiden are! How could that be?

    Happychick: I’d sell my soul to a decent phone company

    Mark: unfortunately, there’s no alternative for cable

    cheri: thanks 🙂

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