Pretty much everyone on YouTube can shut the fuck up now

I made myself a promise a while ago that I wouldn’t indulge in the pathetic, whiny negativity exhibited by so many on YouTube by making any videos attacking specific people.  Sure, I take a stand against what I see as negative behaviour (racism, general hater-ism) but I don’t single out individual people and say “you suck”.  Which is a hard discipline to maintain because a lot of people on YouTube really, really suck and desperately need to be told to shut the fuck up.

One of the easiest ways to raise your profile on YouTube is to make a video responding to someone who is already popular.  You can choose to take a positive angle – either giving them a “shout out” or make a video that in some way responds to a video they’ve already made (I’ve done the latter quite a few times).  Alternatively, you could make a video attacking someone who’s more popular than you. 

The attack response is a guaranteed attention getter no matter who you go for.  If you go after someone that has already had a significant number of people turn on them then you get all of these angry people joining in with you.  If you go after someone who’s more universally admired then you get attention because all of their dedicated fans will take the bait lash out at you.

Have you ever heard the idea that people who grow up getting no attention at all indulge in negative, destructive behaviour simply to draw attention to themselves?  Negative attention becomes more desirable than no attention at all.  Well, YouTube has rapidly become the world’s largest test lab for examining the worst excesses of human behaviour.

There are a disturbing number of people who display what I can only describe as psychotic behaviour.  They indulge in extremely venomous attacks on people they essentially know nothing about, attacks that frequently escalate into threats of violence.  These people display a complete inability to consider repercussions and think of the future.  What seems fun in your 20s can seriously limit your options in the future.  This is the internet people, once you put something out there, it’s out there forever.  You’ve lost control of it and you can’t erase it when you want to. 

It would kinda suck to blow a big job interview because your potential employer did a background check and found out how often you’d acted like an utter fuckwit on YouTube.  Not to mention how it could affect legal proceedings if someone was trying to prove you were unbalanced and untrustworthy.  Think of your worst case scenario and it will almost inevitably happen.

The general negativity pisses me off but I’ve seen a permutation developing recently that makes me really want to smack the perpetrators in the face with a fucking shovel.  People are now making videos where they criticise other people for making attacks on people they like.  Which sounds fine except every other video these people make is an attack on someone else that they don’t like.  So they want the best of both worlds: they should be free to vilify whoever they want but nobody should dare criticise them or any of their “friends”.

To put it in biblical terms: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

To put it in Mr Angry terms: “Shut the fuck up you hypocritical sack of shit!  Either retract every negative thing you’ve said about everyone else and promise not to do it again or just shut the fuck up!”

There are huge number of people on YouTube doing and saying things that I think are stupid and fucked up.  I could make hundreds of videos pointing out what is wrong with what they are doing.  But what’s the fucking point?  People are fucked – big surprise.  People need to get over themselves and get on to doing something that’s productive. 

There will always be people doing things you don’t agree with.  There will always be people who attack you.  There will always be people you simply fucking hate, often with very good reason.  But this downward spiral of negativity drags everyone down until they’re all covered in shit.  Somebody has to take the step of saying “I’m not going to be part of this, no matter what other people do.”  I’m no Mahatma Gandhi but even I can see a dead end when it’s staring me in the face.



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12 responses to “Pretty much everyone on YouTube can shut the fuck up now

  1. And the response from the YouTubers is:

    Shut the fuck up you wining hipocrit!!!11!!!

    I hate you amd I@m goin 2 k1ll yoo in ur sleep!!!

    zOMFG ur such a l0ser! YouTube rulezz! The peepl their ar the most awsum Iv evar met! any1 who hatez on youtubers is a spastic l0ser with n0 peniz!

    Or words to that effect anyway.

  2. Heh Heh Heh….. Thats funny, Massif, and unfortunately, too true.

    When I did one of my guest posts for Mr Angry, someone left a lovely message for me on you tube. It started with “GET FUCKED YOU CUNT!!!”.

    I love youtube. It such a warm and nurturing environment, and aids in the development of children across the globe. It has so much to offer everyone!

  3. IT’S such a warm…etc. Please excuse the typo.

  4. It’s like a huge “de”evolution of humankind. The anger, the negativity, the social acceptance of such putrid malevolence towards other human beings.

    Of course people blame video games, music, movies, etc….for the overall desensitization towards violence but I’m not down with that.

    Ultimately, it’s a choice. People have access to so much information that it’s impossible for them to NOT know the difference between good, evil and neutral actions.

    They CHOOSE to exhibit bad behavior, violent threats and corrupt actions and that (to me) is the true sign of how low the moral compass of the world has fallen.

    There is movement, in my circle of friends, to stop spreading rumor, gossip and dissention amongst ourselves and those around us. It was like a lightbulb suddenly went on and we all realized that by spreading information that we “heard” from someone else only aides the feelings of illwill and unhappiness in the world.

    We have made a conscious effort to be happier in our lives by making that change and so far, it does seem to be working. 🙂

    As for the YouTubers…. like it says in the video “Why don’t you go outside and play hide and go Fuck yourself?” ha..ha.ha…

  5. Another good post Mr A.

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say in your post.

    I’m also getting sick and tired of the…

    …”PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. Post this 6 times or your mom will die tomorrow”…

    …type posts.

    This type of shit is inevitable I guess with the amount of users YouTube has, but it’s not nice to see and it’s starting to grate me.

  6. Massif: that’s at the more intelligent end of the spectrum.

    Gruntski: yeah, isn’t it fun to see humanity at its lowest?

    CinnKitty: Good luck with your no gossip initiative. That’s an excellent goal. I still think the biggest problem with YouTubers is an utter lack of self awareness. Unlike your group they seem utterly incapable of being aware of the impact of their decisions.

    Paul: I hate those ones too. I mark them as spam, black the poster and delete the comment.

  7. Yeah, well I’m going to be making a grainy webcam video response disagreeing with this!

  8. That is the inevitable response.

  9. lurker


    Thanks for this. I was really angry and googled “everybody can go fuck themselves” and I landed here where I read your words of wisdom and calmed down substantially.

    I care nothing for youtube because it sickens me (and I agree wholeheartedly with your assertions) . In fact, I am so angry BECAUSE of the type of things and people you describe. They are legion and I weep for the world.

    Anyway, I feel a little better right now thanks to you so I thought I would let you know.

    Take care

  10. hahahah, this is the place for anyone who feels like everyone can go fuck themselves. I thoroughly recommend venting – it always improves my mood. Glad i could help and take care of yourself!

  11. I just got flamed on YouTube, and I know it shouldn’t affect me, but it did upset me for a minute. I made a perfectly valid point, I tried to sound as neutral and considerate as possible, and some moron decides to reply and call me a wanker for having an opinion.

    The problem with internet forums of any kind is anonymity. People think that because they’re anonymous, they can pretty much act as much of a jackass as they like, because they can’t act that way in real life; there are no repercussions, as many people are on the other side of the globe from you. Places like YouTube are pretty much an outlet of anger for these sad souls. It’s really sad to see people degrading themselves and others.

    The solution could be for me to just stop posting videos and comments. But there are one or two people on YouTube with a sense of respect. I’ve yet to find them though.

  12. Who knows, maybe people will evolve into halfway decent modes of communication when they’re anonymous. Or maybe we’ll all collapse into a festering pile of shit.

    I agree with you about the feeling that “It shouldn’t affect me but it did.” I often feel my pulse racing when I get really stupid comments (and prepare something abusive in return). It passes, but there’s that moment when I feel the impact.

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