YouTube provides variation in same old way of sucking to suck in a new way

I know if I really, really hated YouTube I should just stop using it but I’ve invested too much in it to give up now.  I keep getting invitations from other video sharing sites to join them but I really can’t be bothered at this point.  I’ll stick with YouTube for now but I wish they’d listen to their users more.  I’ve seen hundred of videos saying please fix the commenting system and please stop people from gaming the system but I’m yet to see a public response from YouTube.

But they piss me off most of all when they keep making cosmetic changes to the site without fixing actual core problems.  Worse still, it can be like their most recent cosmetic change that fucked something that was more or less working previously.

I logged in the other day to see this message saying all my videos had been blocked from rating and commenting.  While I was trying to sort this out I saw the problem was intermittent which meant it was going to be impossible to fix.  You can only fix a problem if it manifests in a consistent way.

Then I decided to send them a message to tell them about it seeing as how they seem completely unaware of when there are problems with their system.  Only to discover that the fuckers had changed the reporting system to make it as hard as possible to report a fault.  You have to sift through screen after screen of FAQs and “helpful tips” before you finally get a fucking link to send them a fucking message.

So along with the fault report I included a polite note saying how much this sucked.  Seriously, I was quite polite about it.  Although I did mention it sucked.  And I even got a reply saying how they appreciated my input.  Probably in exactly the same way I appreciated the problem in the first place.

I’m sure this is why the bastards never feature my videos.  It can’t be because my videos suck.



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6 responses to “YouTube provides variation in same old way of sucking to suck in a new way

  1. So, something like.

    “Dear Youtube, your site is a pain in the ass to use and sucks major donkey dick. Fix it already! Please.”

  2. tom

    if it’s any consolation, my pathetic videos were actually featured once, and yet, probably because they DO suck (despite your overgenerous ratings), no one watched them anyway …

  3. They’re not “FAQ’s”, they’re Frequently Unanswered Questions or “FUQ’s” as in “FUQ you and you and you and you over there, yes you, FUQ you too.”

  4. Michelle: believe it or not, I was slightly more polite than that.

    Tom: I really like your stuff – a better camera (for better sound and picture) would give you a huge boost.

    feartheseeds: yes, they’re a total FUQ up.

  5. Wggl

    (Yes, the email isn’t bogus)

    I hear Pirate Bay are offering an uncensored equivalent of YeChoob. See for more.

    Let the cussing run free.

  6. oh, my cussing continues unabated

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