Somebody’s watching you

Here’s a couple of pieces I originally did for The Fizz Newzz.  They’re thematically linked in that they both deal with surveillance – one at the personal level and one at the governmental/societal level.

This first one is my reaction to a news story on the “Hollywood Spy Shop”.  The range of surveillance equipment you can buy here astonishes me.  I’m going to have to stop picking my nose  – you never know when someone’s videoing you.

This second one highlights just how creepy things have gotten in the UK.  Apparently there are now over four million CCTV cameras in the UK and the rate of growth is increasing.  Now the cops are even using radio controlled flying drones to spy on people.  I know that people often respond by saying “if you’re not doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to fear,” but how about if I haven’t done anything wrong I deserve some privacy?  Whatever happened to that idea?


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6 responses to “Somebody’s watching you

  1. “if you’re not doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to fear,”

    I cry foul! I cry bullshit! I cry Big Brother is Watching You!!! Okay..okay.. have you seen the movie “Enemy of the State”? Some people say “oh..that’s not real” but I say it is.

    I say it’s happening even as we speak. Right now, the very words that I’m typing are being monitored and recorded somewhere deep inside a mountain cavern on a tickertape.

    Holy crap…I gotta stop typing before I say something crazy like … bomb…oh crap.. I said it. Now they are coming to get me. Wait? Is that knocking on my………

  2. It’s less “Big Brother” it’s more “Big Stereotypical Jewish / Italian Mother” is watching you.

    Any day now I’m going to be walking down the street and some megaphone’s going to yell: “You, yes you! Tuck your shirt in!”

    Perhaps it’s time to get a large “Bite me” sign made up just in case.

  3. Massif: totally agree with you on this one!

    Mr Angry: anyone forming a posse to shame loud/inconsiderate wankers on blinged up phones has my full support. And spying on someone who may or may not be cheating on you? How utterly pathetic!

  4. Will

    ‘When Mr Angry Attacks ….via CCTV’

    I’d pay to see that!

    I had no idea that was going on in the UK…I knew that they had cameras watching cameras watching cameras, but being spoken too? How hilarious/bizarre.
    The people behind the mics must be petty indeed. I couldn’t even spot what the guy in the suit dropped! And what about our right to swing on scaffolding like a monkey bar when we’re smashed??

    Massif: Big Mamma is watching you.

  5. Massif — is it wrong that I would be okay with some megaphone yelling “Hey you! Pull up your fucking pants! Yeah, I’m talking to you, you wanna be rap/hip-hop goober smooch. Nobody wants to see your underwear so go buy a fucking belt!”

    Would that be so wrong?? WOULD IT???

  6. I have this crazy opinion that if you haven’t done anything wrong you have a right to some fucking privacy! This is only one aspect of the problem but there seems to be an increasing trend from various authorities to treat anyone and everyone the same way they treat convicted criminals.

    All for our own good of course.

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