Stupid Google Tricks Part 1

What should I be angry about today?

How Moderate Muslims Should Not Get Angry With Their Extremist Brothers

“Radical Islam has become an off-the-peg label that young Muslims can wear to rebel against their dads and wider British society. Like punks before them, they’ll grow up and grow out of it.”

Why black folks should especially be angry regarding recent terrorist activity

“The series of Live 8 concerts have confirmed what many Africans and people of African decent have known for years: Our motherland is in dire need of help.”

Why I’m angry today

“…most of these nutjobs are conservative or ultraconservative or suprafuckinginsaneconservative … and I want as little “me” time with them as possible.”

Whats made you angry/upset today…

“…that half my course is maths and i didn’t even do it past gcse … that i woke up at 3 and wasted the whole day … that the only food i have left is an onion and some pasta”

MySpace Sued By Angry Parents

“If the parents wish to sue myspace then the local police should arrest the parents for reckless endangerment.”

– – – –

I’m not alone!


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