Hot Nude YouTube Video! With pink hair!

So here’s my first official nude YouTube video.  I decided to shoot this without my clothes on so I wouldn’t get hair dye on them.  I think I actually look sexier with my party gear on (the silky shirt was an op shop special at $8 – bargain!) but you be the judge.

I think “copper” is a more accurate description of the colour than pink.  I’ve decided I actually like this, it’s supposed to last for a month or so and I might experiment with other colours after that.  Maybe instead of a semi-permanent rinse through colour like this I might try some hardcore permanent red or even blue.  Then I could spike my hair up for a manga look.



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9 responses to “Hot Nude YouTube Video! With pink hair!

  1. Thanks! I think I like it too.

  2. Ummm…I’d have to run away from the blue spiked manga hair. Although, if you ever watch Dragonball Z with only the sound on…well, it DOES sound like they are very angry. That, or they are having a seriously long bowel movement.!!!

  3. Everything takes a long time on DragonballZ. I find that show weird – the have a whole episode where a guy builds up power while grunting a lot. I’d run up and kick him in the nuts while he was wasting time doing that.

  4. Rob (nobeerforyou)

    Isn’t dyeing your hair one of the first signs of a mid-life crisis?

    Did you buy a Ferrari yet?

  5. I started dyeing my hair in my mid-20s so I couldn’t be accused of a mid-life crisis in my 40s 😀 Plus I have the next best thing to a Ferrari – a Hyundai!

  6. oh man… you admitted to owning a hyundai…

    then again, my pulsar ain’t much of a beast, either.

    Dunno why, but I pictured you as an Alfa driver, m’self… (I knew from a previous entry that you had a smallish car…)

  7. bwa.ha..ha..!! I SO have thought the same thing, I swear. Not that I’m admitting I have watched DBZ or anything. But yeah, WTF? One guy groaning and straining like he’s gonna dump a load in his pants and everyone else just stands around waiting for him “power up”. Uh..hello?? Go kick his ass now while he’s distracted by the turtle in his shorts!

  8. gruntski: the cheapest thing that runs in a reliable manner was my basic requirement.

    CinnKitty: why aren’t those dumb anime characters as smart as us?

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