Larry King is a big crybaby

There’s a bit of footage doing the rounds at the moment where Larry King, not realising he was being picked up by a live microphone, complains that Anderson Cooper is getting more time than him.  You may have seen that video but you have to watch this version to find out what King was really saying.

What can I say?  I’m very, very childish.  It was the way he rubbed his eyes and the really ugly expression he has towards the end that gave me the idea.



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3 responses to “Larry King is a big crybaby

  1. What’t the go with the “ME” tube link? if you hover around the time line, it gives you a heap of “TOTALLY” un-related vid-links??

    Is this something that’s been there for ages, that I have never noticed? (if so, shoot me now…)

    Or is it a newby thing by “WE RULE THE WORLD tube”

  2. Gruntski: That is WEIRD! I’ve never seen that crap before. They sure as shit didn’t announce it on the site.

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