My ego is officially out of control

So I found this really cool site called Blockposters where you can upload any image, say how big you want it and they’ll create a pdf file that spreads the image across that many A4 pages so you can print it out and put it together like a big mosaic.  And it’s all free!

So what image would I choose to print out on a massive scale? Hmmmm, I wonder…



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7 responses to “My ego is officially out of control

  1. That is just wonderful 😀 !!!!

    I would print one out that says… the neck with a…………

  2. Very good Mr A.

    “My ego knows no bounds” is the icing on the cake.

  3. sandra: excellent idea, I will be changing it from time to time so that one’s for the future!

    paul: I had to find some way to express that I know how ridiculous it is to print out a giant pic of yourself. No matter how cool it looks.

  4. Rob

    Sandra & paul: you should see the finished version in the next video, with Mr Angry standing in front of it, it looks brilliant!

  5. Thanks for the teaser Rob, I’ll post it a bit later.

  6. Didn’t you have a version which was less heavy on the ink?

  7. Short answer: no I didn’t.
    Long answer: this is a good idea. The image I used is an old one that, as you can see, had a dark background. I think when I do the next one I will deliberately set up a light background for exactly this reason.

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