This is the Sea

Here a change of pace for me on the video front – a dramatic piece.  The script for this is actually from a one-act play I wrote about 20 years ago while I was at college.   Just to show I’m no johnny-come-lately jumping on the environmentalism bandwagon, the theme of this piece was environmental degradation.  I got brainwashed and jumped on the bandwagon years ago.

The play was called “This is the Sea”.  It’s set in the future after environmental disaster has poisoned most of the world and reduced the world’s population by about 95%.  The character doing this monologue is an old man who has landed as a refugee in a country that turns out to be a police state.  He’s telling a young girl a story about what things were like when he was young.

I might do another piece from this script at some point.  All part of my quest to avoid boredom by trying something different.


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