A quarter of a million doses of angry

I passed the 250,000 view mark this week. More than a quarter of a million times, my angry little voice has spurted out across cyberspace. Actually, I guess if you count my YouTube views it’s more than a million times. That’s good for a laugh.

Actually, on more than one occasion it has been a little freaky to consider. The number of times my blog has been found by people searching on the term “I want to kill myself” is more than a little disconcerting.

Still, I started this blog for catharsis as much as anything else and the nerve I seem to have touched with a large number of readers with my angry outbursts is gratifying. I knew I was angry but it’s fun to see how many other people are angry too.

I’m planning to branch out from this blog. This blog will, of course, continue but I’m exploring a few other avenues. I’m going to republish some of my more serious work-oriented pieces on a site called thisisby.us that (theoretically) pays contributors who generate ad clicks. Also, I’m trying my luck on LiveVideo – YouTube is pissing me off so much I’m getting desperate for an alternative.

I think embedded LiveVideo looks better as well, see if you agree:

[livevideo id=F506E5EBB49E4D299FBD668B963B00FB/biscuits-and-gravy.aspx]

UPDATE: I hope you enjoyed that “classic” Mr Angry video. I’ve decided to do a side by side comparison with a YT and LV version of a video shot on my new camera. See what you think:

[livevideo id=208FACE9CCD34857A4B966793958EEEF]



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8 responses to “A quarter of a million doses of angry

  1. Rob

    That looks really good actually. It downloads quite fast too, which is where most other video sites usually fail.

    Congrats on 250k!

  2. Rob

    Wow, the second one’s quality is much better. Pause them and look at your shirt, blog address bar or even just your mask. There’s a huge difference.

    The LiveVideo one looks yellower though, is that just because the quality is better? Or because one of the site’s filters is adding or removing yellow?

  3. Much better quality on live video. I like it.

    Hey – time to create a new t-shirt. I think we should have a contest.

    I’m still laughing at the first video. You’re too much. 🙂 Yes I DO call those fluffy things that you call scones…..biscuits. 😀 But what would you expect from a Texan.

  4. Rob: The quality is good, isn’t it? If I don’t discover any major problems with LV, this is a real nail in YT’s coffin. One of my main issues is wanting to host vids here on my blog and I can do that with LV.
    Sandra: Excellent idea, I have been meaning to get my girlfriend to do new ones for months! (she’s way better at lettering than me) I still have a previous suggestion from you (Do I look like I give a fuck?) plus a few of my own. A contest is an excllent idea!

  5. Dude! You have SO got to share some of the “search terms” that people type in and find your blog. I find this little bit of info that wordpress gives us to often be fucking hilarious! (although “I want to kill myself” is a little disturbing) but I often get hits for “batman porn”, “morman porn”, and “boobs+pink” which is just creepy to me. All because I blogged about a movie called Orgazmo. ha..ha.ha…!! I mean really.. who the HELL is searching for porn by Mormons? That’s just icky!!

    So what kind of freaky stuff do you get??

  6. Rob

    Mormon porn?! That’s weird. There were 150 searches for “mormon porn” using Yahoo, in Jan ’07.
    And, even more disturbingly, 52 for “mormon porn star”
    Source: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/?term=mormon%20porn

    Just goes to prove the internet is full of weirdos, freaks and perverts. 🙂

  7. Rob

    Back on topic, the LiveVideo’s file size is about a third bigger. 13.2MB, compared to the YouTube video’s 8.5MB.

    Obviously, the quality increase isn’t free, you pay with bigger file sizes, but it shouldn’t be a problem, as long as they keep their download speeds like they are now.

    By the way, I just downloaded both to check the sizes and despite the size difference, the LiveVideo one downloaded much faster.

  8. cinnkitty: that is such an involved topic for me I’ll make a special post about it.

    Rob: another thing is that LV lets you upload files up to 200MB in size while the maximum on YT is 100MB – although this is the size of your file before upload so I don’t think you’d lose any of this benefit because of the comparative size of the downloaded files. I *think* this is the case, I don’t know for sure.

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