Road trip!

I’m about to head out on a big road trip.  About 800-900km with my friend Adrian to attend a retirement party for our favourite lecturer from the old college days.  This is likely to be a fairly insane party weekend so you may not hear from me for a while.  Then again, I’m taking my laptop and cameras so you may get some extremely crazy updates.

Two men, the open road and a head full of cold pills.  Anything could happen…

[livevideo id=4D114A26563744C184EC0782FDEF32D8]



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15 responses to “Road trip!

  1. yeh – and you got to “fastest growing blogs” on wordpress too…enjoy yer weekend. remember – when the going gets tough, the tough get angry 😉

  2. Road Trip! Sweeeeeet! Let us know if you wake up one morning in the hotel, naked, hog tied with the ball gag still in place and your nether regions still smarting.

    Or was that just MY road trip experience? heh..heh..heh…

  3. Sofia

    I know a lot about to be pissed and angry 365 days a year. hahahaha


  4. arvind

    bon vayage 🙂
    waiting for ur those crazy experiences

  5. lenscapremoved

    have fun. extend your road trip. we spent two weeks on the road traveling from Ky to Ca.

  6. lad

    There’s one good reason to be angry today:

  7. annie

    Oh well how else do we get cheap coles…

  8. mikejmu


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  9. typingisnotactivism

    haz yu bin readn 2much ICanHazCheezburgr and haz 4gotn good inglish? or does it just make you fart oil in disbelief when all of a sudden your comments are full of people wanting to grab 3 seconds of your 15 minutes (because of they can do that to 300 people, they will actually get their own 15 minutes….and everyone else will only get 14:57)… Are you going to vote for John Howard because he is in touch with the hopes, dreams and morality of the little Aussie battlers (Rupert Murdoch 5’10”, Pauline Hanson 5’4″, Alan Jones 4’7″, Stan Zemanek 4’3″… but that’s actually width). I know I am – just as soon as i finish deepfrying this gay refugee whale in radioactive coal extracts and not saying sorry for hammering it down the throat of the nearest muslim, greenie, credible TV network or feminist. Check out and spread this picture – seriously worth it.

  10. You and Adrian will have tons of new material by the time you get back home. Have great fun!!!

  11. Oh god, a roadtrip sounds awesome right now. I’m in such need of a change of scenery. Fortunately I have a cross-country (U.S.) one planned for August… and it’s just not soon enough.

    Have fun and stay angry!

  12. I would bet it wouldn’t be a good time to start the Alli program, if you were to change your mind about it. 😉

  13. Vetti: it was a nice send-off present. Gives me something to boast about to my old college mates.

    Cinnkitty: I should be so lucky

    Sofia: there sure is a lot to be angry about

    Arvind: tonight’s the big night, we’ll see what happens

    Lenscap: I’d love to do a US road trip. Route 66 maybe

    Lad: there’s always more than one reason to be angry

    Annie: if Coles wasn’t ripping off farmers there’d be less scamming by farmers

    Mike: sure, I’ll check it out next week when I get out of detox. I’m a shallow attention whore, after all

    Typing: he does make a good dj

    Sandra: If we had a camera running in the car… OMG I think we had the most tasteless conversation in recorded history at one point

    Brian: I’m having fun so far, enjoy yours when it comes

    Loljesus: Da Jeebus is the angeray at evrryboddiez

    Lynda: what a horrible thought. I made life hard enough for my co-traveller as it was by burping after eating blue cheese.

  14. In my experience, the more simple your means of travel, the more exciting and rewarding the entire trip will be. Nothing beats the classic roadtrip or backpacking tour to open up your eyes to the world.

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