You’re all a bunch of sick little monkeys!

So that’s what it feels like to get the top post on reddit and front page of Digg in the same 24 hour period. Now that my genius has been recognised more widely I guess all that’s left to be said is “What the hell took you people so long?” Seriously, the encouragement I’ve received from the responses to the diet pill post has been awesome.

My regular readers will know that I usually respond to all comments but the volume of responses to this post was more than a tad overwhelming (they keep popping up even as I write this). So rather than play favourites I decided not respond directly to any of the comments. I did read all the comments, however, including the comments on reddit and Digg.

I have to say, I’m more than mildly surprised at the lack of negativity in the comments as well. The number of people completely incapable of understanding a joke was reassuringly small. Even on Digg, which has an appalling reputation for stupidity and immaturity the comments were by and large intelligent. Or at least not hideously stupid.

I have to admit to getting a laugh out of comments from people who accused me of exaggerating.  First, I don’t think I was exaggerating all that much and second, they seem totally unacquainted with even the concept of humour.  They certainly seem unaware that they’re a walking joke themselves.

“Hello, idiot commenter,  allow me to introduce you to satire.  I know you’ve never met before so his ways may seem strange to you.  Pay no mind to his tendency towards hyperbole, he exaggerates reality in order to draw your attention to just how fucked the world actually is.  No, I’m sure he isn’t laughing at you.  Yes, I know he’s looking straight at you and pointing but I’m sure it isn’t you.  Ummmm, there’s probably something funny right behind you.”
I did notice two common memes running through the comments:

  1. These pills would be great for a truly horrible practical joke
  2. Surely this oily shit could be harnessed as biofuel

You’re all a bunch of sick little monkeys! And I couldn’t be more proud at having provided some fuel for thought. On the fuel front, I don’t know Al Gore’s email address but surely someone can contact him with the biofuel idea.

Actually, now I think about it, the way big Al bulked up recently and now seems to be losing weight he may be ahead of all of us. Expect an announcement from the Gore camp any day now that Al is planning to shit all over us. For our own good. I wish he would make that announcement actually, it isn’t like he’d be the first politician to take a shit on us but at least he’d be the first to be honest about it.



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20 responses to “You’re all a bunch of sick little monkeys!

  1. Good Morning Angry….

    Alli may be a bit of a joke at the moment, but it’s just another in a long line of shitty Glaxo drugs [pun intended].

    To find out more see

    You’ll know Seroxat better as Aropax.

  2. Rick - a 'merican'

    Jackpot, is what it seems like. All the good writing and video blogging you’ve shared has to pay off.

    Glad to see it.

  3. admin: I’m not surprised there are a lot of these shitty drugs

    Rick: thanks 🙂 Good to hear from you again too, buddy. It’s been a while.

  4. Vladimir

    Well, don’t know if any of those numerous commenters have suggested this already, but I think, those pharmaceutical companies should also sell ass-plugs as a complement to their pills.

  5. DOA

    Spend years providing useful advice about your field of expertise and noone bats an eyelid. Write about crapping your pants and you’re the king of the world.
    Aint it grand?

  6. It just takes time to build up a fanbase. Keep it up. Anger is good for everyone.

  7. Not bad. Getting angry is infectious.

  8. I loved your post about the diet pills. I remember when those chips came out with the olestra in them. I had spontaneous diarrea for days, and I just went about my business like nothing was happening.

  9. majuro

    if only they’d produce a drug to harden all the oil for one big push to the toilet or perhaps like those squalene medications that look like amber pellets..

  10. FaggoT

    woaah, i saw you on top 3 of wordpress, so congrats pal, seems i missed many things.
    and what was that joke about?
    i guess i gotta read your post first.
    keep rocking, i try to check more often, a lot been missed!

  11. I found your post on the front page of WordPress when I logged in. It was under Today’s Hot Posts, and I had heard of this “miracle drug” and wanted to read your take on it.

    It was most excellent.

  12. Vladimir: a lot of people are suggesting some synergy between alli and adult diapers

    DOA: I’m the internet’s leading shit expert 😉

    Brock: thanks for the encouragement, I agree, angry is good

    Range: getting angry about shitting your pants is infectious apparently

    Abarclay: You reminded me, I always got the squirts when I visited Las Vegas because the goddam casinos fried their goddam food in that goddam oil

    Majuro: I think that solidified “output” would be a potent fuel

    Keith: I don’t stop, mate. Right now it’s all about shitting your pants.

    Lynda: glad you liked it.

  13. Matthew Holford


    Admin’s already mentioned Seroxat Secrets, ‘though that’s not the only site dedicated to discussing Aropax/Seroxat/Paxil/whatever (I’m writing for Bob Fiddaman’s Seroxat Sufferers, just now

    Anyway, just a quick word of thanks for the Alli contribution, which I think everybody’s linked into. Along with Avandia, Alli’s made for a bad month, or two, for GSK. It feels a bit cheeky to ask the favour in return, but if you felt moved to drop a link in to one or the other of us, then that would be a thing of joy, although “that” video, provided a valuable morale boost, in itself.

    Anyway, I guess you won’t see this until you get back. Here’s hoping you had a good time.


  14. Your post about Alli was great, and you know what? I agree with you here also.. All those Digg guys are.. well, you know, special 🙂

  15. Matt: with any luck, the level of mockery being aimed at these products will help a few people wake up to themselves.

    Morbid: They are … special, but I was impressed with their overall behaviour on this front.

  16. shit shit every where but no toilet in site

    Mr.Angry I must salute you with my ass pointed at a fan because when you speak the shit realy does go flying lol!
    I love this blog! It may be full of Angry SHIT but hay we all need some ecological fuel some times dont we lol!
    I hope this drug and its ALLI’s will decide to flush it with the rest of the pharmasutical companys shit because it realy makes a shitty impression on those who use it and for those who dont we are only left with the smell of more shit dumped in our face!

  17. Yes, the shit aspect of this evil drug is a good metaphor for the big companies shitting on everyone.

  18. amaricasilentcry

    ok i just sighned up here my old name was shit shit every where but no toilet in site! So here i am! I love this shitty topic lol Mr. Angry you have my salute we need you in the government to Flush all of this ugly Shit down the Drain onece and for all!

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