Road Conversation #1 – MC NoseJizz

The conversation is started by Adrian twanging on his nose. I’ll have to leave “twanging” to your imagination as there are no sound effects to go with this post. Essentially he was flicking his nose rhythmically while making a vaguely musical sound in accompaniment.

“That’s really special. Just the thing to make the drive go faster.”

“Why thank you, it’s nice to be appreciated.”

“I can’t belive you aren’t more widely appreciated for that. What the hell are you actually doing?”

“Well, I’m trying to clear some man juice that’s lodged up there after a particularly spectacular blow.”

“Sorry I missed that. The musical aspect is a nice addition”

“That part I have actually been appreciated for, it’s been a major part of my career.”

“Oh wow, were you MC NoseJizz back in the 90s?”

“That was one of my stage names, yes.”

“I’m a big fan, I bought all of your CDs. And your signature range of tissues.”

“It isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s always been about the fans.”

“And the jizz.”

“The fans and the jizz. Preferably the jizz on the fans. Nothing ever made me as happy as when I was unloading a good spray onto some fans.”

“It was always hard to get front row tickets for your shows.”

“I prided myself on always going well beyond the front row. I couldn’t sleep at night for worrying that there were fans who weren’t wearing enough of my jizz on their faces.”

“Is that why you would get the backing band to help?”

“They helped but it was never enough. That’s why I franchised the MC NoseJizz concept, including the female MC NoseJizz.”

“Sistah SoulJizz?”

“That was her. I had high hopes for Sistah SoulJizz but her heart was never really in it.”

“She didn’t care enough about the jizz?”

“She didn’t realise how important the jizz was. It was all about the fame to her, I tried to explain to her that the jizz was bigger than any one person but she never really got it.”

“Maybe it was because she was always reliant on you for the jizz.”

“I think that was it, she never really valued the jizz, she thought she was better than the jizz.”

“I’m sure that’s why the public turned on her.”

“Yep. One night she went on stage with her nose only half full of jizz. That was the beginning of the end.”

“If only more people realised that, you’ll never get anywhere with your nose only half full of jizz.”

8 more hours of driving to go…



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13 responses to “Road Conversation #1 – MC NoseJizz

  1. Come again? I don’t get it….

    That snot funny.

  2. That sounds more like a pub conversation… Are you sure you were fit to drive?

  3. Rob

    Nothing says heterosexuality like two men, alone, in a car, talking about jizz!

  4. Gruntski: snot funny at all!

    Massif: I’m reasonably sure we weren’t fit to drive. Ever.

    Rob: When you’re comfortable with your sexuality, it’s open season!

  5. And men wonder why women… think they’re idiots!
    Hilarious. Informative. Life changing. If only more men would spray us with their bodily emissions – the world would truly be a more magnificent place – I’d cum and stay a while, I kid you snot.

  6. Simonne: I may be in trouble for divulging secret men’s business again.

  7. nataliedebo

    I know this is a really really old post Mr Angry but I used to know Adrian way back when (as in primary school days) and this sounds like a perfectly normal conversation for him to have!

    Haven’t seen him in donkey’s years – always thought he was a funny bastard…good to see he’s put that talent to some use.


  8. Nat


    I’m still in contact with his folks so I know about the health challenges. I’d heard that things had come good so was devastated to hear they’d gone to shit again.

    Aidzee – that’s cute. He was just plain old Aids when he and i hung around…before that became very unPC in the 80’s!

    Thanks for the response mate – next time you see/talk to him tell him Natalie de Bo says g’day.


  9. Nat

    Thanks Angry. He’s probably like “who the f???” – just another flunkie trying to scream out I was the first chick he kissed!!! now that’s he a famous director and all πŸ™‚


  10. Nat

    Didn’t mean to space him out. I’ve always had a soft spot for Aids. Hate to think what he said!

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